Laurie Benson

Laurie works with women who are curious about the role they are here to play in the world. Focus on: Somatic Awareness, Embodiment, Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Course 3: Become the Woman You Want To Be

Who is the woman you are longing to become? During this 5 day course you will understand how this woman moves through the world, and gain insights and tools for stepping into who you are meant to be. Spoiler alert - you already are this woman. Let’s bring her to life!

Course 2: Presence and Embodiment

What does it feel like to move through your day from a place of complete embodiment? Over the next 5 days, you will gain awareness of what embodiment means for you, and how this new wisdom allows you to access that place of deeper wisdom, unity, and your true power.

Course 1: Somatic Awareness - Understand How You Experience Life

Where do you feel tension and anxiety in your body? Where do you experience joy and freedom? Learn how this awareness can impact and shift your interactions, self worth, and ability to step into your greater dreams.

Embodiment and Empowerment Series

This series includes the 3 Courses:
Somatic Awareness: Understand How You Experience Life
Presence and Embodiment
Become the Woman You Want To Be

Through these courses you will understand where you experience things within your body, what it feels like to find your centered truth, and then how to move through the world from this new awareness.

Course Bundle

More About Laurie Benson

Laurie works with women who are curious about the role they are here to play in the world.

Whether they already sit in positions as leaders of businesses and industries, or are just stepping into what leadership of themselves, and for their families, and their communities might look like, it all begins with inner awareness.

She knows that the road to change begins with heightened self awareness. We must create change in ourselves before we can change the world.

She works with women, around the world, who are ready to take this deeper dive. Women who are ready to understand how they show up in life, the impacts this has on others and the planet, and lead from a place of alignment, power, and clarity.

Laurie believes that this work can't be done in isolation. She knows we need someone to walk this path with us. So she offers one-on-one coaching, group programs, and leadership circles.

Laurie creates these offerings as safe, sacred spaces for us to remember, reconnect, and redefine what our future could be.