Jayne Emerson

Experimental Textile Courses

The No Rules Textile Society

A community for textile adventurers. A place to share, be inspired and guided my monthly word prompts.

Included Courses

No rules patchwork

Follow along with my creative process as I chop up textiles and go off on creative tangents. I have recorded inspirational videos to ignite your imagination and suggest further explorations. There are no rules and happy accidents are encouraged, there is certainly no measuring or precision!

Experimental Needle Felting

Over 30 short, simple videos exploring the possibilities of needle felting. Create wonderful fabric embellishments that can be used in textile art, dressmaking, on interiors projects or just as therapeutic textile play!

More About Jayne Emerson

Based in rural Gloucestershire, I create the seeds of ideas for both fashion and interior textiles. I love to re-imagine and combine traditional techniques  and sell my work internationally to clients including Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. I have exhibited my work as textile art in numerous galleries and have published six books.

My studio is a treasure trove of vintage and reclaimed fabric. I love teaching and my workshops encourage happy accidents and experimentation. I particularly love to nurture individual styles, nothing is ever too precise and rarely is a way of working considered wrong. For a peek into my studio, you can watch a short film about my process here