Everyone's an artist. Let me help you get started.

Drawing Challenge -start feeling good about drawing

This is a drawing and design challenge for everyone who would love to feel good about drawing.
With 25 years experience in teaching people of all ages to draw, Art Teacher Kim will bring you weekly lessons/ challenges that she knows you will love.

These are fun and do not require any prior artistic knowledge.

Open to families all over the world. Let's help each other feel better about drawing. Draw with your kids, or just set them up for success with this 1 month challenge.

ART CLUB - 1 month +Lifetime access

This is the first month plus a bonus lesson, of my new Art Club, where you get 1 lesson per week from the time you sign up. Set a time each week and go for it.
I will show you how to take a simple idea and make it much more meaningful and interesting to look at. Feel better about how you start and finish your art, and play along the way, experimenting as you go. Post your finished art in the comments under each lesson each week, and your teacher will be in touch.
Lifetime access. 5x lessons

Animal Eyes Mini Course

Become a pro at drawing animal eyes, so that you can be successful at drawing any animal face. The eyes are what we see first, so let's have fun and get them looking really amazing!

You will need pencil, pen, vivid, paper, water colour pencils and if you can get water colour pallettes, grab those too. There are 3 videos included: 1. Looking at real animal eyes 2. Drawing animal eyes 3. Creating an animal face.

Animal Faces -sketch, tone, colour

Cat, Lion, Bunny, Deer, Fox, Giraffe, Owl....even dragons... Learn to draw and finish, using pencil, pen, sharpie, watercolour pencils, AND watercolour palettes. These are for artists aged 6+ through to adults.

Lifetime access, contact with your teacher, upload your art.
Click to learn more and sign up/ enrol.

Rock Your Sketchbook

Whenever you're ready, you'll get a series of art lessons accessible through your account on this site. Using easy, affordable materials, I'll inspire you with new ideas. Get used to using your sketchbook to try new things, build up your skills and love drawing and colouring with watercolours! This course is available to all art students, young and old. Great for whole family. Lifetime access.

Start Painting - a great base course

In this course, you will learn how get set up well for painting at home.

You will be able to reduce your costs, by knowing which paint and brushes to buy, what to use from around home.. HOW to care for your materials and how to UNDERSTAND your colours and paint.

An excellent beginners course, or if you do not understand how the colour wheel works.

Drawing Characters -easy

These are simple line drawings in the original All Smilez style.

I used to make paintings like these and personalise them and sell them all over the world! Why don't you have a go at drawing them too, and changing them up to create a style of your own! The first lesson is FREE, then buy at least 5 more.

Buy this as a gift! All you need to do is sign up with an email address and choose your password.
8 lessons, contact with teacher

Doodles and Dye

This is incredibly fun for all ages. If you are doing this at home, don't worry I'll help you get set up without getting too messy. If you're a teacher doing this at school, you'll love this!!! Great for calendar art and all sorts to brighten up your classroom and wow the students

All Smilez Observational Drawing

This course is for young artists or beginners learning to draw from observation. I don't really want to put an age on it. Its certainly not EASY, but I'm here to help if you have any questions.
You will learn what to look for before you even start drawing, and then you will surprise yourself with the ability to draw what you see, using taught skills that you can carry with you forever, and build on, to enhance your future art.

Animal Faces Bundle

This bundle includes Animal Eyes Mini Course AND Animal Faces.
You can master the eyes first, then explore animal faces with Kim's tips and tricks for how to draw and add easy techniques for making your art pop.

Course Bundle

Start Painting/ Character Drawing BUNDLE DEAL

Buy 2 courses and save!

The Character Drawing course is just line drawing. Easy. Fun. Great confidence boost for kids who struggle drawing people.
The Painting course covers all the basics when starting with acrylics, how to get started with the 3 primary colours. Save time and money, and learn the basics of painting.

Course Bundle

More About kim

Kim Garside is a Art Teacher in Hamilton, New Zealand. Her studio/ art school is popular for after school lessons and holiday workshops. She now provides online courses for children at home, and other teachers who want support for teaching good skills in the classroom. Parents are also getting a lot of joy out of these versatile lessons.