Melanie Gaynor

Melanie Gaynor, Facialist & Holistic Skin Therapist.

Gua Sha Facials

This Gua Sha Facial Course is designed specifically for Beauty Therapists, Beauticians, Massage Therapists and Skin Therapists. It translates a centuries old technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine into an effective facial massage technique that gets great results for your clients and their skin. It is an excellent addition to facial work that your clients will love.

More About Melanie Gaynor

I graduated as a Beauty Therapist, in England, over 25 years ago. That was really just the start, I’ve never stopped learning, Therapeutic Beauty and Holistic Skincare is my job, my hobby and my passion. If I’m not doing a treatment and looking after clients, I’ll either be researching and learning about different techniques, uncovering new information about nutritional skin care and products, or talking to fellow Therapist about all things skin. 

In the last 9 years I’ve moved more and more towards holistic, natural beauty care and now I specialise in Therapeutic Facials and Holistic Skincare with a focus on skin nutrition and a passion for promoting self-care to support the well-being of my clients.

Over the years I've learnt many natural massage and skin care techniques and studied across different philosophies.  Im excited to start sharing this knowledge.  I love our industry and think continuing education plays a key part in its evolution.  Wellness and beauty go hand in hand, in my philosophy.  So let continue learning and continue growing our role in wellness.