Anne H.

Transformational Coach, Master Healer and DJ using mindset, movement and meditation as the magic wand.

Feminine Fuel

A 5-Week Feminine Embodiment with Dance, Movement Meditations and Earth Rituals.

Chakra Healing Course

Transforming your energy, one chakra at a time. A 7-week journey through mindset, energy healing and meditation, plus yoga psychology and subtle anatomy.

Goddess Initiation

Reclaim your power and femininity by integrating all aspects of your Soul! From fierce to playful, from gentle the powerful, from gracious to wild!

• Movement Practices, Mindset and Shamanic Journeys for Awakened Women to be the leaders of the New Earth.

Join our 10-months online programme to discover who you truly are!

More About Anne H.

Transformation Coach, Master Healer & DJ with certifications in Reiki Master Levels, Tantra, Core Shamanism, Kinesiology, Yoga, Crystals, Meditation, Dance, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and Bodywork.

Which distills it to:

Mindset + Movement + Meditation