Maria C. Krause

Maria C. Krause is a Mindset & Business Mentor who's passion is to help new female entrepreneurs uncover their superpowers and create soul based successful businesses.


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Are you ready to receive abundance in your life?
Are you ready to live a life free of financial stress!
Are you ready to shift your Money Mindset and live the life you always dreamed of?


15 self-study program to help you unleash your inner Goddess.

Throughout these 15 days I will share each and every step I have personally applied into daily routine to help me become more confident and finally be the woman I always wanted to be.

Simple Steps to get in alignment with yourself

The most important steps and habit to incorporate into your daily routine to help you get in realignment with yourself and soul purpose

7 Days to create the Mindset of a Superwoman!

The most important steps and routines to incorporate into your daily routine to create the Mindset of a Superwoman.

More About Maria C. Krause

Hi Beautiful,

Welcome to my world and congratulations for making the first step to shine your uniqueness and light!

I am passionate about helping more women step into their soul power and live the life they always dreamed of, doing something they love and most importantly, loving themselves crazy and unconditionally.

If you'd like more tips and strategies on Mindset and Business, you could check either The Rising Soulpreneur podcast, where I share all what I have learned so far as a woman and entrepreneur. I also own a magazine and podcast under the name of Unchain Your Inner Strength where I work in collaborations with some of the most inspiring and empowering women in business today.

I'd love to get to know you, what you do? What sparks your world! Contact me, I am always up for meeting new people, mentor and collaborate.

You can find me at

Love, Light, Be

Maria C. Krause. XXX