Paul Durrant

PDT Sales Consultancy provides effective online and offline sales training, coaching and consultancy.


Remote selling using modern techniques & technology

Generating Sales In A Recession

Surviving and trading through challenging times

Master Public Speaking

Grab the attention of an audience and deliver your message effectively

Entrepreneurial Sales

Develop a more entrepreneurial mindset, as well as boost your sales!

Mindful Sales

Mindful selling for conscientious people

How to Pitch to Retail Buyers

Learn how to 'wow' potential buyers and get your products stocked at the major retailers!

Essential Sales Toolkit For SME's

Download and use 4 essential tools - to boost your sales

Build Your Sales Confidence

Build your sales confidence by developing your sales competence.

Boost Your Trade Show & Expo Sales

Exhibiting at trade shows can be an effective way to promote your brand and generate more sales but you need to maximise your opportunities, once there. This online sales course will show you how to get the maximum ROI from any trade show investment.

Generating & Nurturing Leads

Identifying and developing new business leads

Closing The Deal

Closing and securing a new sales opportunity

Objection Handling & Negotiation Skills

Handle sales objections and negotiate more effectively

Selling for Professionals

Professional firms often suffer from 'competitive convergence' i.e. they focus on matching their rivals and as a result, end up looking all the same to the client.

They, therefore, need to communicate their credibility, trustworthiness and value more effectively.

Our 'Selling for Professionals' course helps address these factors as well as new client acquisition, competitive divergence and 'relationship selling'.

Get: 14 training lessons + 14 practical sales tools to download and keep!

Fundamental Sales

Small businesses depend on their ability to sell – just to survive but many small business owners lack the sales 'know-how'.

Salespeople are also asked to go out and sell – without having a full complement of sales skills & support.

Our fundamental sales course addresses both of these issues by providing a step by step guide for generating more sales, retaining more customers and growing your business.

Get: 10 training lessons + 10 practical sales tools to download and keep!

More About Paul Durrant

PDT Sales Consultancy was founded by Paul Durrant who is a certified sales professional with over 30 years sales and business development experience.

Through his lead, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in helping start-ups and established businesses fix their sales related problems, optimise their sales performance, and upskill their salespeople.

Many businesses shy away from sales because they:

1.  Don’t fully understand sales                            

2. Aren't confident enough with sales   

3. Feel uncomfortable with 'selling'                     

4. Haven't got enough time for sales

We all make a living selling something to someone and sales should be about helping a buyer solve a problem or enriching their lives in some way i.e. providing a valuable service (or product). If done competently, sales will help your business grow faster and generate more profits.

PDT Sales Consultancy helps businesses elevate their sales, by introducing more customer strategy, sales process and selling technique i.e. selling smarter, selling better and selling more.

Generalists know less about more and specialists know more about less - we know more about sales and that's what differentiates us from the other generalist business coaches and advisers, out there!