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I was born on Friday, July 26th, 1985 in Northern California, in an area east of San Francisco known for it's wealth of natural beauty. Within a family of artists, photographers, designers, and teachers I was soon singled out at my schools for being different---psychic or ‘weird’, depending on your point of view.

At age 11 I attended my first tarot class at the local magick shop and by age 14 I was reading professionally for real estate agents and coffee shop owners alike. At age 20 I won a raffle for a free night's stay at the Temple of Isis and within 3 days of her visit was ordained as a Priestess in the living Goddess traditions.

By age 25 I formed my own personal ministry practice holding ceremonies and teachings at festivals and events, and connecting one on one with countless clients from across the globe .In addition to oracle readings, I’m also the visionary founder of Dream Council which provides tools to build relationship with the medicine and magick of dreams.

I currently live in Portland, OR where I study runes, drink copious amounts of tea, and read for the people.