Shonna Chiles

Can I get a HEAL YEAH? Energetic Wellness Practitioner. Dance Enthusiast. Your Personal Cheerleader.

"SHIFT HAPPENS" A Virtual Wellness Program Volume 1: KNOWVEMBER

Shift your perspective and change your life. This program was created for anyone who wants to recognize, cultivate, and connect with who they are at their core but may be having a hard time with where to start. It's for those who may find they seek outward validation more than they seek guidance from self. It's for any of us who have ever found our mind in a state of worry or a cycle of negative self talk. It's for anyone, anywhere who just wants to elevate.

More About Shonna Chiles

Hi, I'm Shonna. I began my journey to energetic wellness and holistic health in 2017 when I started dreaming of crystals. I was raised in Moore, Oklahoma with no understanding of spirituality outside of traditional religious teachings. I have always questioned religion and felt called to dig deeper from an early age. In 2018, I began learning and actively using crystals which eventually led me to my mentor for an apprenticeship in two energetic modalities; reiki I and crystal healing. After completing a Spiritual Development course and Crystal Healing certification in Oakland, I took a six month sabbatical from my other business, ConfiDance Fitness, to embark on a journey that would infuse my love for dance, yoga, energetic wellness, and women's empowerment into one. That journey took me to Italy- where I dove deeper into my love for dance, India- where I received my 200HR Yoga Alliance Hatha & Ashtanga certification, and finally Thailand - where I lived for a month studying crystal healing, more Reiki 1, and Thai Chakra Massage. In my previous life, I was a professional dancer for 5 years before opening my dance studio, which caters to non dancers in creating a safe space for all to learn. Through the infusion of all of these modalities, Hippy High Heals has been born. We are in a very popular era for the "new age" movement, my emphasis is on education so that you can self heal. I don't reference myself as a healer. I'm a person like you who has found my own path to healing, works at it everyday, and is now trained to share. All of these practices are ancient and sacred, I'm privileged and excited to fuse them together to help you on your healing journey.