Susie Zol

Hi! I'm Susie Zol and I'm a professional artist from San Diego, CA. I create in my art journal to stay in the creative flow and encourage freedom in my work.

Art Journal Exploration - Claim Your Space

Create an art journal spread that highlights your creativity and allows you to discover new horizons within your inner landscape.

Art Journal Exploration - Love Letters

Create a unique art journal spread that focuses your energy on love for yourself and others.

More About Susie Zol

I am a professional artist and I paint abstract acrylics. Early in my painting career I attended an art journaling workshop and fell in love with the process. The very act of creatively expressing myself in a journal format really captivated me. After many years of art journaling, I followed my creative desire to paint on canvas. My paintings have been juried into a multitude of shows and galleries and are displayed in private collections as well as various corporate buildings in San Diego. I hold a professional certificate in Art and The Creative Process from the University of California in San Diego. I teach art journaling workshops in person and online and continue to paint daily in my studio.

"Every time I approach the canvas or journal page, I am ready to gain an understanding of my emotional and intellectual connection with life. There is always a reflection of me from within, along with the gift of clarity and purpose. I paint intuitively, letting layers of paint, fabric, collage and paper interact and unfold into a story. When I discover the story within the painting, its meaning comes into focus. When the meaning has been revealed, my painting is complete".