Lorette Dye

STEER 101 (Module 1/4)

Working with children that battle in school including working remedial orientated, improving reading skills, support with unique challenges and teaching study techniques. This module focus on the basic knowledge you need to accomplish this.

STEER 102 (Module 2/4)

This module focuses on assessment of a child to identify the specific needs and thus how to proceed when working with the child

STEER 103 (Module 3/4)

Practical intervention to Steer children that battle in school in the right direction

Art Counselling 101

Using Art to do Counselling; [Course 1; Semester 1; Year 1/4]

Counselling and Therapy with the focus on different techniques, how to work need-orientated and understanding the goals and roles of the counsellor

Art Counselling 102

Using Art to do Counselling; [Course 2; Semester 1; Year 1/4]

The Therapeutic process of Counselling with the focus on Assessment and how to use Assessment results to plan intervention

Art Counselling 103

Using Art to do Counselling; [Course 3; Semester 1; Year 1/4]

Main Counselling approaches including Trauma- and Narrative therapy applied to specific techniques with a focus on what is needed for the road to recovery

More About Lorette Dye

As a Counsellor with training in Psychology and Art therapy, a Lecturer and Missionary with training in Theology and a Published Author with a degree in Languages (Creative writing), Lorette Dye believes that empowering people are very important.

She has a BA (Psych); Dip (THL); BA (CW); MA (Psych) (with specialization in Art Therapy and the effects of sexual molestation.)

She founded the Art Healing Academy in South Africa and also presents workshops on a variety of subjects. As a sought-after speaker at functions, she often inspires people.

She lives in South Africa and believes empowering people is crucial for growth and emotional healing.

Her missionary work takes her to several countries in Africa.


Previous Books/articles published 

She has written and published ­several books. The list of published books includes:

  • “Smokkelaar vir God” (Smuggler for God) Lux Verbi South Africa
  • “Die 3 grootste issues van ’n vrou.” (The 3 biggest issues for a woman) Carpe diem South Africa
  • “Nog 3 grootste issues van ‘n vrou” (More biggest issues for a woman) Carpe diem South Africa
  • “About wigs and tits” Xlibris UK (A Christian novel about the reasons for suffering)
  • “Oor Pruike en bra’s” (Afrikaans version of the above: About wigs and tits) Carpe diem South Africa
  • The STREPCO approach to therapy” (2010) Xlibris UK and Sarane South Africa
  • Co-author of 7 more publications in South Africa, pubished by Carpe Diem
  • "Art therapy/Using Art Techniques and working across cultural and race boundaries”, (2017) published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Editor Ezpre magazine
  • Editor TAASA magazine