Interconnected Living with Kym Chi

Transformative tools and techniques to support you in living a more connected life.

Permaculture Design For Resilience & Regeneration - Online Certification Course 2021

Gather together with like minded people online to learn about how nature designs itself and how we can become conscious designers ourselves. We will learn how to map and design our land and our lives, plan for emergencies, grow organic food in all four seasons, build community and work to build a more regenerative future.

Herbal First Aid Free Webinar 2021

Join Kym Chi as she uncovers her Herbal First Aid & Emergency Kit. Learn about plants that can help save lives in emergency situations and also great medicines to travel with to support you in unexpected circumstances.

Introduction to Permaculture Free Webinar 2021

Join Kym Chi on a journey into Permaculture to discover how it can empower people with solution based approaches to create and live a more regenerative life while caring for people and the planet!

Herbal Preparations & Plant Allies Spring 2021

Discover the magic and simplicity of herbal medicine. This class caters to all levels of learners and anyone wanting to become more empowered with their personal health and wellness for themselves, families and/ or communities.

Introduction to Permaculture Spring 2020

If you missed the Introduction to Permaculture Webinar on May 6th, 2020, you can enjoy it here anytime, at your convenience.

More About Interconnected Living with Kym Chi

Interconnected Living facilitates positive transformation, creating a more connected, creative, conscious and empowered culture.

Offering accessible courses, classes, educational resources and mentorship on Permaculture Design, Plant & Mushroom Medicine, Intuitive Healing, Wellbeing, Creative Facilitation & Life Design.

Interconnected Living is a great choice for you if you are ready to :

- Take a unique, natural and more holistic approach to your personal wellness.
- Create resiliency for yourself, your family and community.
- Live more connected with the natural world and your authentic self.
- Feel more empowered.
- See your wholeness and learn how to better care for yourself!
- Live a more balanced and integrated life in alignment with your core values.
- Transform yourself and your life in order to live more authentically and joyfully.
- Support yourself through sharing your passions.
- Turn your dreams and visions into a reality.