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Homeschooling Basics

10 Ways to Get First Time Obedience

Get immediate and responsive obedience...the first time you ask!

10 Ways to Help a Reluctant Reader

Unlock learning for your reluctant reader and watch their education soar

10 Ways to be Help the Reluctant Writer

Write a farewell letter to frustration! Introduce the joy of writing to your reluctant writer and get ready to read the results!

10 Ways to Help the Child who Hates Math

Breakthrough math frustrations in 10 simple ways!

10 Ways to Help with Slow Processing

Solutions for the child who struggles

10 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Tech takeover happening at your house? Not anymore! Tame technology in 10 simple ways!

10 Ways to Form Critical Thinking

Want to ensure your child won't fall for anything? Teach them to think criticially!

10 Ways to Organize Your Home

Clear the clutter and make your home a functional space for homeschooling and life

10 Ways to Help Your Child Focus

Help your child focus so that they can complete anything in a timely manner and understand concepts thoroughly

10 Ways to be Curriculum Free

Discover the freedom of learning without curriculum and EXACTLY how to do it!

Preparing Your Child For Post Secondary Education

How do you prepare your homeschooled child for the world and campus life they are about to enter into? Find out how to help your child navigate what comes next for them emotionally, morally and spiritually as they prepare to leave home.

Helping Your Child Focus

Concentration frustration is over! Improve your child's focus for better comprehension and engaged learning.
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What Is Attachment? Understanding the Ladder of Attachment

If family relationships are out of balance, chances are that attachment is damaged or broken. Learn how to put them back into the right order with the Ladder of Attachment

Healing Broken Attachment

Heal, mend and repair broken relationships and become close and connected once again

Creating Strong Sibling Bonds

Create lasting relationships and close connection between siblings

Taming Technology

Too much screen time at home and on the go? Discover how to tame technology, get your time back and spend more time together as a family

Stop Your Yelling and Keep Your Calm

Learn to parent in a calm and firm manner. No yelling required.

Dealing with Conflict in Family Life

From parenting styles to finances to in-laws and interference - conflict is bound to happen in your family. Do you have the tools you need to navigate through conflict and maintain healthy relationships?

Conflict in Marriage: Getting a Grip

Are the conflicts in your marriage getting out of hand? Get a grip on the problems and learn to work together towards solutions.

Putting Your Spouse First

When life gets busy and demands are everywhere, how can you establish a safe haven of rest and peace? By Putting Your Spouse First. Find out how.

Husbands, What Are They Good For?

Have you ever wondered, "Why did I get married to that man?" Good news! There are a lot of GOOD reasons that you are married to your man. Find out in this talk!

Wives, What Are They Good for?

Wondering how to flourish in your role as a wife? What exactly does a good wife look like? Find out in this talk!

5 Marvels of the Male Brain

Have you ever asked, "What IS he thinking?" Find out how the male brain is designed and how to communicate and engage with your husband's mind in the way that makes the most sense to him!

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I help families build deeper connections and attachment to each other so that they can flourish with strong and healthy relationships.