Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia Iris Kerins - Magdalene's Messenger

The Irish Famine Effect - Neutralised

Do you experience LACK in your life?
If so then this programme will simply transform you.
When you delve deeply into your negative ancestral baggage you reveal the places in your DNA's cellular memory where you hold on to old blocks beliefs, patterns and programming. They have so far avoided all attempts to release completely through all layers and levels. Take this opportunity to work with me at a profoundly powerful Christed level to let go of this debilitating 'stuff' once and for all.

Goddess Ascension Masterclass

In this programme I will explain Ascension, it's meaning and implications for you and your soul journey. You will experience the vibrational shift of Ascension to the higher dimensions and elevate your vibration to great effect. You will receive multi dimensional healing through written work and guided 5th dimensional visualisation. Abundance on all levels will be yours.


I AM - these two words and all that follow them are the very words that create your reality for as you speak them you are influencing and shaping your life. Using them consciously, with intention often, can and will change your life.

Super Confidence for the Spiritually Aware Woman

A soul journey to the heart centre of your being to heal the wounded Feminine and her desire to deny, sabotage and undermine herself. Powerful, profound, energy work for YOU and your beautiful 5 bodies as well as your womb and voice centres. This incorporates the 5 Magdalene Keys to Optimum Womb health and Power. The doorway to your super, clear confidence is in the rich territory of your energetic womb.
Please note the Magdalene Keys will be sent out at 4 day intervals.

More About Patricia Iris Kerins

30 years experience as a channel, mentor, coach & sound healer Patricia has successfully guided thousands to self & soul empowerment. She specialises in helping women to find their authentic voice through balancing womb and throat chakras whilst balancing the Christed Divine Masculine with the Christed Divine Feminine to Sacred union within.