Monisha Garner

Your Favorite Colon Hydrotherapist

Ear Candling Certification

This is a self-paced course teaching you the sacred art of Ear Candling. You can add this alternative service to your existing practice, create a practice just around Ear Candling itself or apply this amazing wellness tool to yourself, family and friends.

Self Mastery Journey

Self Mastery Journey is a 90-Day exploration into your mind, body and spirit through unlearning self-defeating habits and replacing those habits with abundant, consistent, simple and effective tools to keep you healthy, happy and whole. Learn how to regulate how you feel and approach things calmly and logically.

This program is limited to 8 women who are ready for next level transformation, accountability and pure, raw happiness!

Colon Hydrotherapy Foundation Level Training

This course will provide you with the pre-study material for you to be successful in your hands-on training. In this course you will learn the following: The history of Colon Hydrotherapy, health and sanitation, business and ethics, anatomy/physiology, the in's and out's of the Digestive System, contraindications, Colon Hydrotherapy Procedures, safe advertising, how to build your business and how to use, sanitize and maintain your Colon Hydrotherapy Device.

Womb Alchemy - 21 Days to celebrating your Flow

This course is designed to help you understand how to create your perfect moon/menstrual cycle, learn how your emotional, physical and spiritual space are directly connected to your challenges, imbalances and overall wellness, as well as learn how herbs and regular full body cleansing can assist with completely decreasing and or removing fibroids, cysts and tumors out of our womb space so that you can enjoy your celebration every month :)

Digestive Alchemy - 21 Days towards a healthier Digestive System

This course is about your power to heal yourself. More specifically, it will address your body intuitive abilities to heal itself through regular cleansing of the five channels of elimination on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Some of the cleansing methods in this course will work for you and some will not be as effective, depending on your condition of health. I encourage you to experiment with yourself and with your friends. Discover new ways of being but most of all have fun.

More About Monisha Garner

Moya Body Care was manifested more than 23 years ago by Monisha Garner as a holistic and organic body care company treating sensitive skin. Over the years, Moya has become something stronger and greater. She inspires you to move towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Monisha combines Eastern and Western philosophies with ancient healing and spiritual practices to offer you an experience of holistic wellness that reconnects with your original source of energy, so healing occurs naturally.

 Monisha's Extensive Credentials Include:

- Massage Therapy Instructor
- Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist/ GPACT Instructor and President
- Clinical ColoLAVAGE Certified Therapist
- Detox and Cleansing Specialist
- State Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist
- Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor
- Certified American Heart Association CPR/First Aid/BLS Instructor
- Certified Iridologist

Her private practice is located in Torrance, CA where she provides Colon Hydrotherapy, Yoni Steaming, Iridology, and Wellness consultations, Retreats, Colon Therapy Training and workshops on all things Cleansing and Detoxing.  You can visit her website at as well as follow her on Facebook @ and Instagram @moyabodycare.