Destination: You

A Journey to Self that explores the foundational parts of yourself, nurturing them so you can stand in your power fully, ready to live your life aligned with your true self with less stress and more ease.

The Gratitude Practice

Learn how to create a Gratitude Practice of your own, in a private, fun and supportive way. Themes include:

Gratitude and Acknowledgement
Gratitude and Simplicity
Gratitude and Preparation
Gratitude Rituals and Routines

More About Janae

Hello! I'm Janae, Self Care Architect, Quiet Leader, Personal and Professional Mentor and Creator of the Self Care Passport Process. A system that helps you build personal foundations that create IMPACT to maintain and sustain a Self Care lifestyle that you LOVE.

I can show you how to Align to what you truly want and how you want to feel, by learning to say YES and NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

I'm blunt, kind, walk my talk and deliver up practical and magical ideas that build a solid, yet flexible foundation, with creativity, resilience and resourcefulness at your side.

I'm a firm believer that the best place to start is right where you are.