A life built with passion + sincerity is a life worth living.

30 Days to Deeper Self Understanding

The course is built with discovery questions and journal prompts designed to help you reflect and dive more into who you are, what your desires and goals are and what you need in your life to love your life more. At the end of this course you should have a better understanding of what drives you in your life and what steps you need to put in place to work towards creating your true path.

More About Laura

Laura is a big dreamer, full time marketing manager, blogger, and part-time artist. She aspires to inspire people in their everyday lives and help them to live towards their dreams and making the most out of every day by sharing her own experiences and stories. Her blog, Do Five Things A Day, offers an eclectic mix of excitement, passion, and a story to tell of self-discovery, development and love. She focuses on topics about taking care of yourself, and learning to find beauty and light in every moment and adventure life has to bring us.