Kayley Santiago

Rebuilding Arcadia - Journey through the Capitol

This is a role-playing course that builds your skills and identity as a writer.
'Journey through the Capitol' focuses on the first two chapters of the novel - Rebuilding Arcadia. All writing is set in the Steampunk Universe and has a Victorian feel to it.
Private tuition is available.

Rebuilding Arcadia Series - Module One - Introduction

Module One introduces the key skills you need to be successful in this course. Topics include Reading Skills, introductions to Self-Regulated Learning, Political Philosophy, Art and the Steampunk Genre. Private tuition is available.

More About Kayley Santiago

Kayley lives with her two children in Australia. She's spent over a decade teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language in Europe and Asia.

Spain and France are her favorite holiday destinations.

Her first novel – Rebuilding Arcadia – is a discussion resource for students of Literature, Art, Social Studies, History, Psychology and Political Philosophy.

You can follow the author on Goodreads.

Free resources for students are available on the Blog Page of the website.