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Build Your Speaking Business (R.I.M) - AB

Build Your Speaking Business (R.I.M) is a 1:1 program designed to teach Life Changers and Entrepreneurs how to build their speaker business and communicate their STAND OUT Brand!

Speak to Profit Intensive

Speak to Profit

Self Study Speak to Profit 4 Day Challenge

Producing Your Successful Virtual Summit Masterclass

Increase Your FB Visibilty

Self Study 5-Day Challenge

Delivering Livestreams that Produce Results 2.0

Brand and Niche Factor Intensive

IGNITE Your Success™ Masterclass

World Changers Speakers Academy

Delivering LIVE Streams that Produce Results!


The keys to help your journey to Rise in Merit at ease!

Learning the fundamentals to help your personal and professional endeavors to soar towards greater purpose!

Lessons for growth to NEXT LEVEL

More About Jasmine Romaine

Jasmine Romaine is the Founder and President of JazzCellence, LLC as well as Author of Jazzed Inspirations. As an Empowerment Coach and Motivational Speaker, her mission is to guide individuals on a journey that will empower and educate many to achieve greatness in their endeavors in life!  Visit her website at: