Mindful Art Journaling for Self-Love

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring a variety of simple, guided 5-minute Mindful Art Journaling activities, breath meditation, and writing prompts to nurture our Self-Love.

Sweet Self-Care with SoulCollage® Workshop

In this special two-hour workshop, we'll explore simple mindfulness and SoulCollage® inspired practices. Intuitive Collage focuses on the process of creating and can help us de-stress and express ourselves creatively.

I’ll be sharing an art demo of the Intuitive Collage process, a guided visualization re: self-care in our lives, in-depth journaling prompts, and optional sharing. Turn inward, play and connect in community. No experience required; come as you are!

5 min Mindful Doodle Art to Destress "Flowers"

Have you ever felt less stressed after doodling? Would you like to de-stress and express yourself creatively in a QUICK and EASY way? You don’t need previous experience or fancy art supplies.

In this 90-minute Playshop, we’ll be exploring a variety of simple, guided 5-minute Mindful Doodle Art Exercises and journaling prompts with optional community sharing. This month’s theme is “Flowers.” May you feel less stressed and more connected. <3

Mindful Art for Kids Teacher Training * Accredited *

You may be a Parent, Teacher (Art, Yoga, or Education), Teacher Assistant, Artist, Therapist, or Holistic Practitioner. You feel called to deepen your own practice of Mindful Art with children ~3-12 yrs old in your life. These calming Mindfulness + Art + Breath + Movement activities can help children improve their focus, emotional regulation, attention, prosocial behavior, and more. This Accredited Certification Training by Cynthia Hauk is recorded. Signup anytime and go at your own pace.

Reflections and Intentions: Creative Visioning Workshop for the New Year

2020 has been a challenging year for so many of us. As we approach the beginning of 2021, it can feel empowering to creatively express our reflections and intentions…

In this Creative Visioning Workshop we'll make space for the difficult moments we want to let go of (or transform) and set powerful intentions for the New Year. We'll explore guided Mindfulness practices, Expressive Arts activities, Journaling Prompts, and optional community sharing.

Mandorlas for Grief and Gratitude

In this special Mindful Art Playshop, we'll be creating Mandorlas (including Expressive Arts and Journaling prompts to clarify where we currently feel grief and gratitude in our lives).

Join us to destress, express yourself creative, and connect with others in our Mindful Creative Muse community online.

Meditative Watercolor Doodles for Self Care (E-Course)

Would you like to de-stress and make fun and meditative Watercolor Doodles?

This unique E-Course includes a playful fun Mindful Art Activities with Cynthia Hauk, combining:

Mindfulness, Watercolor Doodles, Ink Drawing and Pattern Play Ideas, Art Journaling and Writing Prompts.

Some of the highlighted exercises include Watercolor Doodling Abstract Painting, Mandalas, Expressive Arts Exercises exploring your Values, Gratitude practices, visually expressing Your Year, and more.

Create and Launch Your Unique Online Offering

Would you like to share your offerings online to reach more students?
Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin or what steps to take?
Is your Inner Critic holding you back from sharing your offerings online?

Especially for Expressive Art Facilitators, Art & Yoga Teachers, Coaches, and Heart-based Entrepreneurs. Begin anytime and learn at your own pace.

5-minute Mindful Art Activities and Nature

De-stress with various simple, Mindful Art activities designed to reconnect you with creativity and nature! We'll explore unique and calming activities with contour drawing, mixed media, contemplative photography, and self-reflection with journaling prompts to make deeper meaning of your art. Bonuses include: Mindful Art Workbook and Calendar. By enrolling you also agree to be signed up for our email newsletter with more inspiration! Begin anytime and go at your own pace.

Mindful Art and Yoga Teacher Training II Certification * Accredited *

Join this Accredited Mindful Expressive Art and Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program. You may be an artist, art teacher, yoga teacher, Expressive Arts Facilitator, or Art Therapist. You want to learn more expressive arts activities, mindfulness tools, trauma-informed yoga, restorative yoga, or somatic movement to add to your personal and/or teaching practice. Certification incl. experiential practices, trauma-informed research, workbooks, + more.

Begin anytime. Go at your own pace.

*Mindful Creatives* Community

Are you an Art or Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Expressive Art Therapist, or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur who feels called to share your offerings with the world? Do you feel overwhelmed with designing or marketing your offerings? Are you unsure where to begin or would like more guidance, accountability, coaching, and support? Would you like to connect in community with other creatives and teachers to share best practices, feedback, and uplift each other? You're not alone! Join us!

Thirty 5 min Mindful Art Experiments

Do you want to have a consistent art practice, but struggle to follow through? Do you want simple, fun, and quick art practices to explore your creativity and relax?

Embrace your Inner Critic! We can often be our own worst critic and struggling to make our art practice a priority can be exhausting. De-stress and Express with 30 days of guided, unique & simple Mindful Art experiments with Cynthia Hauk (recorded lessons; do at your own pace) to create with ease

Mindful Art Playshop: Gratitude Feathers

Dive deep into this creative and collaborative Mindful Art activity: Gratitude Feathers. We'll explore how to cultivate and make your own unique gratitude feather, as well as reflect on what you're grateful for in your life.

Enjoy a special opportunity to connect with other Mindful Creative Muse Community Members from around the world and trade Gratitude Feather art!

Creative Self-Care: A Year of Mindful Art Retreats

Reclaim your time and de-stress with a simple, unique, consistent, and nurturing Creative Self-Care Plan experienced through monthly-themed mini online retreats! Including:

Expressive Arts, Collage, Intuitive Painting, Gestural Drawing, Nature Art, Contemplative Photography, Art Journaling, Poetry, Expressive Writing Prompts, Alcohol Ink Painting, Collage, Mixed Media, Mindfulness, Meditations, Guided Visualizations, and more!

Begin anytime. Receive access to a new retreat each mo for a year.

Mindful Art and Yoga Teacher Training Certification I * Accredited *

This Accredited Online Mindful Art and Yoga Teacher Training Certification I (by Cynthia Hauk) includes Trauma-informed Expressive Arts, Mindfulness, and Yoga Nidra meditation practices. You may be an Artist or Creative, Yoga Teacher, Expressive Arts Facilitator or Therapist or you've been feeling called to deepen your own meditative art practice for self-care. You also want tools/training to share your work online to reach more people.

Begin anytime and go at your own pace.

Mindful Mandalas for Self-Reflection

De-stress with this simple, creative self-care practice you can do daily! We'll explore ways to create minimalist mandala drawings with ease, as well as how to dive deeper into your psyche with journaling prompts and an empowering 4-step "I am" affirmations writing process, created by Cynthia Hauk, that is inspired by your Mandala Cards. Give this gift of PLAY to your Inner Creative Muse! <3

3-Hour Intuitive Collage for Self-Love Retreat

Do you feel overwhelmed, over-committed, or in need of nourishing self-care? We can often be our own worst critic, and struggling to make our self-care a priority can be exhausting. In this 3-Hour Online Retreat and Women's Circle, we will explore how to embrace ourselves more fully through guided visualizations, body scan drawings, SoulCollage®-inspired Intuitive Collage, and expressive writing prompts.


Cynthia (MFA, RYT, REACE (C) is an artist, yogi, and facilitator who is passionate about sharing simple and fun, creative self-care practices that even the biggest Inner Critic can't resist. ;) She offers trauma-informed expressive arts and mindfulness activities to help increase self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-expression.