Jenn Morgan

Founder of the Soul Filled Yogi Accredited Healing Arts School, Master Crystal Healer, Life + Business Coach for Alignment Seekers & Sacred Empire Builders at Sacred Soul Life + Biz.

Manifest Your Dream Life- Manifestation Life Coaching Certification

Use the power of the law-of-attraction to manifest your dream life and make a difference in your clients lives!

The Basics of Crystal Healing

Crystals heal our mind, body, and souls. When we understand the science of crystal healing, we can incorporate crystals as healing tools into our daily lives. This course will teach you how to make crystals work for you!

CrystalYoga Teacher Training Certification (CCYT)

CrystalYoga™ was designed to help those who have a passion for yoga take their creativity to new heights, and to transform fear into self-confidence through becoming a certified yoga instructor. You'll learn everything you need to know about yoga from technique, to philosophy, sequencing, and anatomy, plus learn how to bring crystals and essential oils into your class which will keep students coming and allow you to build a booming business.

Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification (CCHP)

The Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course (CCHP) is for conscious souls who want to explore their own energetic imbalances in order to find more peace, energy, and ease in life. You'll explore leaks in your energy, learn how to correct them, and become a healer for others. You'll discover techniques to safely tune into other's energies, and provide energy clearing sessions that pack a punch-- leaving your clients feeling restored and renewed.

Crystal Healing Certification (CCH)

Crystals are powerful tools that shift energy in our body, and can balance our emotions. There is a crystal for EVERY ailment; physical, emotional, and spiritual. When we apply crystals purposefully based on our desired outcome, we can see massive transformation in our lives and improve our quality of life. In this course you will dive into a deep exploration of crystals, how to use them, and how to safely heal others with crystals in a healing practice if you so choose.

Money Mindset Freedom Course

The Money Mindset Freedom Course helps you to access and clear your money blocks for good so you can develop more clarity in your soul-led business and attract money effortlessly. You’ll get 4 video lessons, and workbooks to help you process money blocks deep within your core that have been preventing you from lasting business success. It's time to release what is in your way and attract the life of your wildest dreams!

More About Jenn Morgan

I am a soul alignment life-coach specializing in clearing work and karmic blocks, as well as a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. and