How to have: A Successful Early Years Inspection

We don't do the job we do for Ofsted...we do it for the children and to improve outcomes for them. However, a successful Ofsted inspection is one way that that quality teaching and learning is measured. As providers we are held accountable through this process and having a inadequate or satisfactory outcome can have major impact on your access to funding, the outcomes for children and even your reputation. So lets work together to make sure it's a successful one!

Inspirational Leadership of the EYFS

-Sharing of what outstanding practice in the EYFS looks like.
-Support for monitoring provision, teaching and learning.
-Strategies for supporting and leading others.

Mark Maker to Writer

This course is going to give not only you but the children the desire to mark make and develop these skills so they turn into amazing writers. We will unpick the culture of mark-making in your setting, consider the key mile stones for pre-writers to the end of Reception and provision we can put in place to support this.

We will also look at how we can close the gender gap and provide interest related opportunities for reluctant writers. We will address planning and assessment needs and Phonics

Transform Outdoor Learning

-Explore how children learn outside
-What continuous provision opportunities are required outside
-Storage and organisation of your outdoor resources
-Ideas to extend learning when all you see is gun and weapon play
-Opportunities to use nature to support mathematical development and Literacy skills.
-How to set up Fairy Gardens
-Books to support outdoor learning
-£10 worth of resources to download

Early Years Pupil Premium

3 Steps to make an impact using the Early Years Pupil Premium Grant

We are going to take you through the 3 changes you can make today to maximise long term benefits.

We will walk you through how to create clear action plans, review case studies of best practice and consider high quality teaching that can be put in place.

By the end you will have the confidence from your data and research to report on the impact to others and ensure attainment for all.

More About KSEY Consultancy

Passionate about supporting early educators to be the best versions of themselves.

We provide busy teachers with flexible up to date training that can be done at a time that suits them. Leaving them feeling happier, motivated and confident in their practice.