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Early Maths In Nursery

This course is a Module within 'Purposeful Provision.'
Early Maths: In Nursery looks at the journey of mathematical development from birth all the way through to when children are ready to move to Reception. This course is essential for practitioners who are working with young children and want to understand how to build up skills and knowledge.

Please note: Direct links will be made to the English foundation stage curricula guidance however the skills and concepts are universal.

Loose Parts: Digging Deeper

Ok, now you've got the basics of Loose Parts down are you ready for the next step? Loose Parts permeates many other types of play and can be a main driver for high quality play. Join to find out how.

Love of Language Part 2

Love of Language Part 1

Language is more important than ever in the Early Years. But it's so much more complex that a a conversation. Come to find out all about these complexities and how to implement effective language strategies within your provision.

Re-Introduction to Loose Parts

Has the time come for a reintroduction of Loose Parts? I think it’s long overdue!

Webinar bundle 2021

This short bundle contains all of my webinars from September, October and November 2021. This is a great way to save money on all of my webinars.

Course Bundle

Fabulous Phase One Phonics - For Parents!

This course is a parent friendly version of my 'Fabulous Phase one phonics' course. Please read landing page for full info

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All of my courses are designed for those with an interest in Early Childhood Education. All of my courses are designed primarily for practitioners working with children every day and are therefore accessible and contain plenty to take back to your setting to implement.