Lois Flewelling

Lois is an engaging speaker, teacher, and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destiny.

Understanding the Bible

This 12-Week course will guide you toward understanding how history, culture, and the author's experience provide insights into its meaning. Get ready to tap into deeper treasures of the Word.

The Believer's Authority

Understanding our authority in Jesus Christ is essential to our well-being. Discover who you really are in Christ and the authority you truly have.

Effectual Prayer

We all need a sense of security right now. It is in the realm of prayer that our greatest place of security, authority, and sense of love is found. Prayer is an essential ingredient we need to begin implementing so we can experience peace at a new level.

My New Identity in Christ

Are you a victim of identity theft? We all have a longing to discover our true identity and purpose and what we were created to do. Identity theft affects our relationship with people, with God, damages our self-esteem, and can destroy our future. This course will help you discover your true self, escape the lies of the enemy, empower you to walk in your authentic self, and define your life purpose.

The Path to Inner Healing

Why stay broken inside when God has answers? Many times the greatest barrier to spiritual growth and a right relationship with God is unresolved hurt and pain from our past. None of us are exempt from pain, trauma, conflict, or tragedy. Staying in unforgiveness or hurt makes us ineffective and unable to fulfill our true calling or potential. This eight week course will take us through the necessary steps for finding true freedoom.

Diving into the Prophetic

All can prophesy and that includes you. God is pouring out his Spirit upon all people and giving his sons and daughter, the old and young dreams and visions. Yet many lack understanding of the prophetic ministry. This twelve-week course examines prophetic values, how it is expressed, and how to discern between true prophets and false prophets. It also teaches on how to hear the voice of God, how to judge and receive a prophetic word, and gives practical application to implement.

Growing in the Supernatural

Can you believe that God still works miracles and He can operate through you on a regular basis? This 12-Week course teaches you how to become more open to revelation, dreams, visions, and stepping out in faith for the miraculous.

Ministry of Healing

Healing was central to the ministry of Jesus Christ. This 8-week course provides foundational biblical teaching on healing models you can implement and us in your circle of influence.


This six-lesson course unfolds the roadmap to tap into your potential as a leader that will influence, impact, and transform your part of the world!

More About Lois Flewelling

Lois is an engaging speaker, teacher, and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destiny.  She is an international speaker who teaches on how to enter and walk out in your God-anointed assignments.  She believes God is raising up an army of warriors to advance the Kingdom of God and her mandate is to equip and train for this season. 

Her passion is for training and equipping the Body of Christ through practical, Bible-based teaching, prayer ministry and discipleship.  She teaches and speaks about walking in our identity as Christians, inner healing, spiritual warfare, the prophetic, understanding our true authority, deliverance, and operating in the supernatural.

Lois is president of Empowering Life Center, an equipping and training ministry.  She also owns her own counseling business and is the founder of The Gathering, a church based in Houlton, Maine. 
Lois is the author of four books: Hidden Treasures Within - Rise above your circumstances, Stepping into New Beginnings, 
 Emerge - Forsake Rejection and Misunderstanding for Empowerment, and Turned Around - Dramatically Impacted by God's Surpassing Power.