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September Awareness Challenge

August Awareness

Daily tasks and questions to increase your self awareness.

Get Ya Stress in Check

Stress can be harmful to both our mental and physical health if left untreated for extended periods of time.

Know Your Why

What is Your 'Why' behind everything that you do?? When we know our 'Why' it empowers us to take action and makes the path that we need to take CLEAR!

SLAY - Self Love & You

A Self Love Resolution - 40 Day Challenge - Learn to fall in love with yourself!!

Dare to Roar

Mini Course to discover the who you really are, deep down, underneath all of the trash that everyone has told you you should be!

Unapologetically Me

Do you feel like you base your happiness and worth on what other people think of you? Do you put everyone else's feelings as priorities, but not your own? Is heartbreak way to familiar to you?

Aug/Sept Awareness Challenge

Course Bundle

New Year! New You!

Get access to 4 courses total! Get Ya Stress in Check, Know Your Why, Dare to Roar, & 40 Day Slay Challenge starting January first! These courses have everything you need to get the New Year off to a positive start!!

Course Bundle

UN + ME & Dare to Roar

Both courses included! Save $80 total!

Course Bundle