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Online printmaking and art courses from the Amazon no.1 bestselling author of 'Learning Linocut.'

Block Printing For Beginners

This course teaches you exactly how to get started with block printing and stamping. It covers the whole process in detail from preparing designs, to cutting the block, inking and of course printing. Plus there are plenty of top tips, projects to inspire you and advice on tools and materials along the way. Suitable for beginners to this technique.

Linocut Masterclass: Handprinted Greetings Cards

This special masterclass teaches you everything that you need to know about creating your own greetings cards using linocut. It covers the whole process in detail from preparing designs, to cutting the lino, inking and of course printing your finished cards. Plus there are plenty of top tips, ways to find inspiration, advanced techniques (multiple colour prints), further projects and advice on tools and materials along the way. Suitable for beginners or anyone looking to make high-quality cards.

Printmaking 101 Membership

In Printmaking 101, a NEW monthly membership with printmaker and author Susan Yeates, you gain full access to all of her online courses in printmaking. From specialist masterclasses to beginner courses - everything is here. PLUS you get to learn a multitude of techniques that you can study at your own pace including: monoprinting, collograph, linocut, woodcut, block printing, screenprinting, wood engraving and drypoint. This is a really affordable way to access EVERYTHING printmaking-related.

Included Courses

Exploring Colour

This online course with Susan is the perfect way to learn about colour and explore in your sketchbook. From colour theory and creating your own colour wheel, to learning about watercolour paints, this online course will help you to find complete confidence with colour. This course is perfect for beginners to art, anyone looking to understand basic colour theory, and for anyone that wants to play with their coloured materials. Join at any time and it should take just a few weeks to complete!

Build a Daily Sketching Habit

This online art course helps you to make sketching and drawing a regular habit. Susan will show you the techniques she uses herself to stay motivated, she will open up the pages of her own sketchbooks for exploration, and discuss some important concepts and themes essential to a regular art practice. Learn from an Amazon no.1 bestselling author, host of the 30-day sketchbook challenge and all-round creative as she delves into some exciting ways (and WHYs) to get sketching!

Learning Linocut - A Beginners Guide to Linocut Printing

This online course is a complete guide to creating single-colour linocut prints. Study alongside Susan, Amazon no.1 bestselling author of 'Learning Linocut' as she demonstrates in easy-to-understand videos exactly how to prepare an image, cut the block, ink it up and finally print. Within no time at all you will know exactly how to create professional looking prints!

Introduction to Printmaking (Course Bundle)

The Introduction to Printmaking course bundle includes all TEN of my online printmaking courses. It is essentially a complete distance learning programme that teaches you all you need to know about printmaking from home. In this bundle you will learn Monoprint, Collograph, Linocut, Woodcut, Screenprinting, Wood Engraving Drypoint and Advanced Relief Printing (i.e. multiple colours) plus the foundations of printmaking and how to generate ideas for prints.

Course Bundle

Sketching for Fun

This is an easy-to-study online art course that explores sketching as a way to boost creativity and have fun. This course helps you to make sketching and drawing a regular habit, fill your sketchbook pages and enjoy the process of making marks, exploring ideas and developing your personal style. The course is packed full of simple exercises, ideas and sketchbook projects. Suitable for beginners, those coming back to drawing after a break and those with artists' block!

Advanced Relief Printing - Working with Colour in Lino and Wood!!

This course explains relief printing using more than one colour including using the reduction technique and the ‘key block’ system. Handy if you have already completed the introductory courses in Linocut and Woodcut and want to develop your printing further my using multiple colours. It also explores some more experimental ways to work with relief printing such as stencils and incorporating Monoprint.

Drawing and Ideas for Print

This online course helps you to start gathering ideas and carry out drawings ready for creating prints. It provides lots of possibilities for undertaking research and ways that your ideas can be recorded for use in printmaking work. Great for beginners or those that need a little inspiration for their prints! This course is a great accompaniment to any of the printmaking technique based online courses via Magenta Sky.

FREE MINI COURSE: 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises!

This FREE mini-course with Susan is the perfect way to boost your creativity over a 5-day period. Each day you will receive a brand new creative exercise that will help to unleash your creativity... plus a little smattering of inspiration and ideas as well. This course is perfect for beginners to drawing, for anyone stuck in a creative rut, for 30-day sketchbook challengers and for anyone that wants a really exciting 5-day focus on boosting their creativity! Join at any time...

Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners

An easy to study online course, suitable for beginners that explores mindfulness through drawing and doodling. Learn alongside Susan as she shows you sketchbook techniques and fun ways to relax the mind, express creativity and reconnect to life. The course is packed full of simple ideas and fun ways of making marks on paper. No experience of drawing necessary and only a few simple materials required.

Introduction to Drawing 3D Shapes

This FREE mini-course with Susan shows you exactly how to draw some of the most important and basic 3D shapes - cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones. The course is broken down into several bite-sized modules and includes photos and step-by-step videos of the stages to drawing realistic 3D shapes as well as explanatory videos. Great for beginners to drawing or those needing a little refresher.

How to Teach Craft Workshops

If you are an artist, crafts-person or someone looking to make some additional income from your creative skills, then this course is for you. It is your step-by-step guide to designing, teaching and promoting creative workshops and start your own business doing so. Including all the templates, documents and handy checklists you will need. Learn everything you need to know to succeed from tutor Susan Yeates of Magenta Sky who has been teaching successful arts and crafts workshops for years...

Learn Monoprinting: A Beginners Guide to Creating Monoprints

Monoprinting is a painterly printmaking technique that involves rolling out or drawing with ink on to a printing surface/plate and creating marks in several ways. This online course with tutor Susan Yeates shows you a number different ways to work with monoprinting to create beautiful, colourful prints. A great starting place if you have never done printmaking before!

Collograph and Found Object Printing - Simple Printmaking Techniques for Beginners

This online course shows you how to create simple collograph and found object prints from the comfort of your own home. Collograph (collage prints) are simple relief prints created from printing from a collage block. The course will explain the tools and materials you need, how to make a block, how to ink and finally how to print. There is no need for a press and you can start at any time of year.

Introduction to Woodcut: A Beginners Guide to Woodcut Printing

This online printmaking course is a complete guide to creating single-colour woodcut prints. Study alongside Susan as she demonstrates in easy-to-understand videos exactly how to prepare a design, cut into wood, ink and print the final image. The course even includes a live class recording. Within no time at all you will know exactly how to create professional looking woodcut prints!

Introduction to Wood Engraving

An online printmaking course showing you how to create detailed wood engravings. Learn from Susan as she shows you how to prepare an image, transfer it onto a wood engraving block, carve the block and finally print. Perfect for beginners or those wishing to learn from home.

Introduction to Drypoint - A Beginners Guide to Drypoint Printing

Learn how to do drypoint printing from the comfort of your own home (without a press!) Drypoint is a simple intaglio form of printing that can be printed by hand. This is a very linear printmaking method which the course explores using simple perspex sheets to draw into.

Simple Screenprinting - A Beginner's Guide to Screenprinting From Home

This online printmaking course is a complete guide to creating simple screenprints from home. The course explores three different methods to create stencils for use with screenprinting, including found objects, paper stencils and hand-painted stencils. Learn how to create a design, prepare the screen, use the ink and a squeegee and finally print!


Inspire is a celebration of all things creative and inspirational. It is a sketching membership group with Susan Yeates, designed especially for creative souls that crave ideas and plenty of arty things to do on a monthly basis. Each month Susan provides you with NEW art tutorials, themes, projects, challenges, book reviews, materials recommendations and more. The aim - to keep you inspired and cultivating that creativity. Join the membership now to take part in this global creative community.

Printmaking Foundations - About Printmaking, Studio Space, Tools and Materials

Printmaking Foundations is a unique online course introducing Printmaking to the beginner. It aims to get you started - explaining the different types of printmaking, how to set up a simple home studio and find out what tools and materials you will need. This course is a foundation course for our standalone printmaking technique courses (e.g. Learning Linocut) and the start of our overall Introduction to Printmaking online course.

More About Susan Yeates

Susan Yeates is a printmaker, tutor and author. She has published four books including the Amazon no. 1 bestsellers Learning Linocut and A Beginner’s Guide to Linocut. Susan provides books, local classes and online tuition in printmaking techniques such as linocut, woodcut, monoprinting and screenprinting as well as drawing. Susan also runs an annual 30-day sketchbook challenge on which begins on 1st January each year.