Heather Jo Flores & Permaculture Women's Guild

How to Write A Heroine's Journey

Permaculture Design Course plus Advanced Certificate in Social Systems Design.

Ready to get double certified?

Sliding scale enrollment is open to everyone.

Writing Heroines 3-course series

Includes the yearlong Heroine's Journey course, Design Your Daily Practice, and Find Your Niche.

Course Bundle

Emotional Permaculture

Find Your Niche

Heroine's Journey Yearlong Manuscript workshop

Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion

Unleash your Beautiful Beast! Use permaculture, yoga, the heroine's journey, phenomenology, and land-based creative expression to clear blocks, establish a thriving daily practice, and tap your unique potential. Includes 60 intensive classes, 70+ videos, 100+ tips, challenges, and experiments, facilitated group discussions, and more.

Design Your Daily Practice 10-day Habit-Changing Bliss Blitz

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Welcome to the Coursecraft portal for the online courses organized by Heather Jo Flores. Here you will find courses and resources for women writers and women in permaculture. To learn more about Heather's programs for women writers, visit

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