Kristin Gonzalez, L.Ac.

Modern Woman's Guide to Longevity Medicine Part One: The Ultimate Guide to Breast Rejuvenation

Things you should have been taught about your breasts when you started your menstrual cycle. Learn practical ways to care for your breasts, your hormonal well being and to also replenish your reserves to age gracefully.

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The Chinese Medicine Practice of Vaginal Steaming & Fumigation Therapy in Gynecology

"There were several methods recommended for directing fumes and smells into the womb. Firstly it was suggested that a woman could crouch over a small fire or other source, making sure that her skirts acted as an enclosure". - Early Modern Medicine (A blog about bodies and medicine c. 1500-1780)

In this course we will examine the origins of this therapy and how it's historically used in Chinese Medicine. We will also discuss modern applications; mainly focusing on reproductive health.

MOON::MEDICINE - Radical Self Care Practices for the Perfect Period

Did you know that your period is a monthly cleanse? Are you supporting this natural cleanse or working against it? If you are experiencing any menstrual symptoms, more than likely you are working against this natural cleansing period. In this e-course, you will learn practical and easy to implement steps to ensure a proper and efficient uterine cleanse.

More About Kristin Gonzalez, L.Ac.

Kris González is a Chinese Medicine practitioner who practices acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, and food therapy. Kris has a special interest in women's health and is a passionate educator, teaching women how to tap into their own healing abilities. Drawing from Eastern philosophies, she encourages women to align and attune themselves with moon medicine.

Kristin has always been influenced by traditional medicine since growing up and visiting her family in South Korea. She has vivid memories of herbs cooking on the stove, herbs being used in everyday dishes and her grandmother easing her stomach pains with hand acupressure. This tradition has imprinted itself in the way Kristin approaches her treatments.  She holds the belief that every person holds the key to healing within themselves.

Kris received her Masters in Science and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, located in San Diego, Ca.