The Hygge Planner

The Danish Way Of Life Made Simple. STOP fitting in & craft a life that looks like you.

From 😱 to 🥰 with your To Do List

When life gives you lemons, you focus on you one day at a time (& you cook some lemon curd)

The Hygge Party Printables

All the templates you need to turn your house into a cosy, welcoming, comfy home for Christmas (and any other gatherings you'll be hosting) + video tutorials/ tips/ DIY options

More About The Hygge Planner

We are observant enough to know that you have Googled us to see if The Hygge Planner was a fad trend or a real business. And you have landed here, proof that we are indeed substantive

The Hygge Planner is calculated, you know. A curiosity-provoking display to further tantalize you with something you cannot have yet. We are private. We will find you if you are on our list to be found.

More about the founder: Quiet & Proud INFJ - Ophelie hates fluff and woo-woo approach. She's self-sufficient and discerning. Driven by facts, she structures simple systems to help you to embrace Hygge, slow living & leverage your quiet personality.