Tonia Jenny

Editorial, Writing and Coaching Services for Creatives

Remembering Me

Create a sweet little house from air-dry clay as a reminder of who you really are and where you can always be at home.

Beautiful Beaded Crochet

A single video lesson to show you how easy it is to create your own stunning necklaces.

Stitches of Serenity

Create a special patchwork journal cover using the pojagi process as well as incorporating hand-dyeing, soft-block carving and block printing.

Bowl of Mending

Make a bowl from scraps of your favorite fabrics using simple stitches and your own two hands.

Little Light House

Create a visual reminder that all it takes is the smallest desire for support, for the Divine to set up shop in the house of your mind. This cement house is cast in a form you create yourself from a humble milk carton. You're going to be surprised that this project—even working with cement—is easier than you might think!

Journals of Joy

Learn to make this pocket-sized journal, complete with air-dry-clay covers and hand-stitched signatures. This little book is the perfect place to collect your favorite inspiring quotes and uplifting words of prayer. By creating a form for the covers that can be used over and over again, this is also a great idea for making beautiful gifts to share.

Love Is the Seed

Celebrate the ripple-effect of your love in the world through a union of intuitive watercolor and the Seed of Life.

Art Framing Made Easy

Discover six creative framing solutions for your artwork—no traditional picture-frame moulding required!

Cement Pendant

Cast your intentions for the new year in a beautifully-simple cement pendant, brushed with gold leaf.

A Love-Stitched Journal

Stitch and sew this entire project by hand—no machine required! In this course we will create a multiple-signature notebook and a beautifully embroidered felt cover to house it in. This project makes the perfect handmade gift—for someone you love or for yourself. <3

Try Something New!

It's the year for creative self-expression (according to numerology) :-) Why not embrace the new?

Course Bundle

Moon Bowls

Create beautiful bowls from air-dry clay, then use as a vessel for New Moon intentions!

Chimes of Change

Create your own set of musical wind chimes—from either copper pipe or bamboo rods—in addition to learning more about mystical properties of the wind and wind-chime lore.

Handmade Gifts

Three workshops featuring projects you will love to make by hand and give to those you love.

Course Bundle

Meditative Stones

Discover for yourself the delightfully-fulfilling and meditative process of intuitively painting stones in watercolor. Perfect for curious spirits new to watercolor or intermediate watercolor artists, looking for a fresh perspective.

Sampler of Circles

Circles of watercolor become opportunities to practice new techniques combining washes with lines of finer detail.

Welcome Watercolor

These two courses are perfect for beginners new to watercolor or to more seasoned watercolor enthusiasts looking for a fresh perspective.

Course Bundle

Discover the Book Within You

As a creative being and inspiring lightbearer, you know you have something to share through a published book, but you have little clarity around what it is or how to begin. This course will help you unearth your unique offering and provide you with the structure to begin organizing your content.

More About Tonia Jenny

To seek, to listen, to observe, to respond. To respond in a way that adds value and shapes something into a form more beautiful than it was when I found it, yet no less true to its intrinsic nature.

I listen, I read, I ponder and I tidy up. And when I'm done with another's words they are no less in their own voice, yet are stronger and more poignant. I've had a lot of practice as I worked for an esteemed publisher for over a decade and have helped hundreds of books (and authors) come to fruition (and express what was longed to be shared).

Living with meaning and purpose is my passion and I just adore supporting others in their own search to find both. This lead me to seek coach training at ICA (International Coach Academy) and graduate from the Advanced program. As a life-purpose coach, I support others in stepping into the best that already exists inside. When combined with book editing, I'm blessed to be able to support creative souls in determining the best message for them to share and the most beautiful way to share it.

As a maker who cannot stop searching for new things to create, I can relate to artists working in every category from painting and drawing, to jewelry making, to cooking to sewing to sculpting to writing. An expansive list of interests means I'm even better at understanding the process of making and can relate to a wide range of subject matter.

You have something you long to share, I know you do. Let's work to share it together.