Darcey Blue

​I am Darcey Blue – Devotee of the Sacred Wild. Nature is my greatest ally and teacher, the Earth my sanctuary, and seeding Sacred Wildness my purpose.

Earth Medicine Journey - Complete Four Session Course

Take a guided journey with nature and soul. Dive in for invitations: messages, ceremonies, practices for nature and soul connection, nature awareness and wild perception, imagination, totems, elements and honoring and exploring sacred wildness and the power of SacredEarth Medicine. During this course you will rediscover, reconnect, rekindle, reinvigorate and rewild your soul in direct relationship with the beings, elements, and processes of the sacred and wild nature around you and within you.

More About Darcey Blue

"I want to leave the bounds of the made world  and take you out to smell wild minerals of the wet dirt, to fill your mouth with the spice of tree resin, to feed your soul with wildness,  to drum your heart into a rhythm that allows YOU to hear, feel, see, sense, experience the magic and sacredness of the natural world.  I want to show you how to see with more than your eyes, see with your body, your heart, your sensual nature.  I want to feed the senses and bodies of my people with the holiness of  Earth medicine – with the place where the earth wisdom, sacred wildness, and Spirit touches the spark of life within each heart, body and soul.”

I am a Rewilding Woman & Mother, Earth Medicine Keeper, Wilderness Ceremony & Vision Quest Guide, Shamanic Herbalist & Plant Medicine Crafter.  The Land is my Beloved, I am a devotee of all that is wild & sacred on this beautiful, inspirited Earth.

I am here to guide to the healing wisdom and medicine that the Sacred Wild in nature hold for you, and the wisdom of spirit that is expressed within and through each of us, as medicine keepers for these transformative times. I am here to plant the seeds of a new way for our People and our Wild Communities

I work with those who are eager to learn from the Wild, Inspirited Earth, a way as old as time itself, and who are ready to take responsibility for and transform their relationship to self, body, spirit, nature, and the Earth.

 I have studied plant medicine & shamanic lifeways and practices for over 15 years in the US and in in Peru. I am a Mesa Medicine Carrier, Wilderness First Responder (Jan 2017), Earth Medicine & Nature Guide, Vision Quest and Wilderness Ceremony Facilitator and Shamanic Herbalist.  It is my deep love of the wild Earth that fuels my passion for healing and teaching about sacred wilderness, spirit, deep connection and relationship with nature, and healing.

My own journey in life has been catalyzed by cultivating the ever deepening relationship with the wildness in the world, and the wildness within my own body and spirit- through the plants, the land spirits, and solitary time in wild natural places- sitting with the wild beings, wildcrafting plants, and journeying with spirit and soul.