Tammie Fowles

Tammie Fowles, life coach, workshop/retreat leader, and writer.

Reclaiming Your Lost Self and Healing into the Present

While "Reclaiming Your Lost Self and Healing into the Present " is based on the work of Patricia Lynn Reilly, founder of "Imagine a Woman International," it also incorporates the wisdom of several psychotherapists, scientists, and writers. This course will assist you in deepening your relationship to your body, your emotions, and your inner life, and support you in living more authentically.

Originally developed as a six-week course, it is now offered as a self-paced course.

More About Tammie Fowles

Tammie Fowles is a life coach, author, and retired psychtherapist as well as the founder of SagePlace and Wise Women Workshops.  

She has a Masters Degree in Social Work,  a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and is the author of “BirthQuake: The Journey to Wholeness.”  You may want to watch “BirthQuakes: Stories of Transformative Life Events,” a public television program based on her book.

Tammie offers life coaching, workshops, and retreats to both individuals and groups, in addition to continuing education seminars to social workers and other mental health professionals.  

She has appeared on both national radio and public television.

During her three decades as a therapist she came to view therapy as a powerful process of self discovery and healing where numerous lessons were learned, strengths developed, and deepest truths honored.  She has found her experience as a therapist to be highly transferable to her work with clients in her life coach practice.   

Having witnessed time and again the innate pull toward change and growth that exists within each of us, she views herself as an optimist who honors her clients’ stories, resilience, and creativity.  

Her approach is strength based and she works collaboratively with clients, synthesizing various life coaching techniques in order to best meet each person’s unique and specific goals and needs.  

Tammie is committed to meeting her clients warmly where they are and offering active, empathic, and pragmatic support and guidance.