Susan's World of Yoga

Nurturing yoga and guided relaxations for pregnant and postnatal mamas

Pregnancy Yoga: 7-Day Introductory Course

Join Susan for this easy to follow mini-course in pregnancy yoga. All you need is just five minutes per day to learn some key movements and postures to practise during your pregnancy. Learn to release achy muscles, reduce tiredness and focus on your growing body and baby. Perfect for pregnant mamas whether you have done yoga before or not.

Rest Mama Rest - Guided Relaxations for Whilst Baby Sleeps

The essential companion for tired mamas! These easy to follow guided relaxations provide that all-needed lifeline in the early days of sleeplessness and exhaustion. Listen to these 10-20 minute relaxations whilst your baby sleeps to recharge the batteries and take some 'me-time'. This is a 6 week programme for postnatal mummies.

More About Susan's World of Yoga

Susan is an award winning yoga teacher (MPower Mums in Business, Spirit Award 2018), new mama and founder of Susan's World of Yoga. She teaches online and in person yoga classes, courses and 1-2-1 sessions. Blending expert yoga tuition with specialist knowledge in the field of pregnancy, postnatal yoga, baby yoga and guided relaxations (yoga nidra) she provides a unique perspective on how to find deep relaxation and reconnect with yourself. Join Susan to nurture your body and soul, relax your mind and indulge in essential 'me time' - essential for tired mamas! Visit for more information.