Joanne Faulkner

I am a Shiatsu Practitioner specializing in the energy of food in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Author of Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking, I operate a busy Dublin Clinic and run cookery classes

30 days to Reduce Pain for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Are you struggling with pain and energy levels? This course can show you how to reduce pain, improve sleep and increase your energy?
It's easy, just watching bitesize cookery programmes, plus short videos demonstrating potent acupressure points you can change your condition.
Watch when you want, as many times as you want. Plus there is 1-1 connection with me so I tailor to your unique needs using Food as Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine

30 days to Sail through Peri & Menopause

Are you having hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations or loss of libido? Are you having trouble sleeping or gaining weight for no reason? This course helps you regain control of your body and prepare for all the hormonal changes that can happen at any age.

Get your diet on track and your hormone in harmony with this simple online video course that covers every aspect of Menopause using delicious medicinal food, potent acupressure points, exercise routine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

30 days to Stop Sweet Cravings

If you are stuck in a cycle of sweet cravings or perhaps your energy is bouncing from sugar highs to exhausted lows or perhaps you want to understand of the emotional aspect of food, then this is the course for you.

Learn to manage your sugars with healthy alternatives and you will reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Making conscious, delicious choices about the food we eat means we love life and we love ourselves.


Find out how to understand and interpret symptoms using Shiatsu & Conscious Cooking - for free :) just enter your email

Special Course for Anna - Recipes, Accupoints and Exercise

This course was created specifically for the needs of an individual client. Do you need the same? I can address symptoms and their causes with diet, acupressure points, meditations and daily exercise routines. Together we can work to make changes so that you can love your life with supreme health and ease.
Prices start from €45 -
email or call me on 086 607 0432
and we can begin to create together your personal programme

Supported Programme to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain and Chronic Fatigue

Course now full and closed

Would you like to understand the causes of your condition and address the ongoing symptoms? Here we see the body as a whole system using Diet, Potent Acupressure Points and Mind Calming Meditations to change how you feel.
Using Food as Medicine to treat the chronic pain, as well as related symptoms including fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, and reduced physical function.
Programme delivered through bitesize cookery programmes

Supported 6 week Programme: Sexy, Savvy Menopause

Course now full
It's important to be ready for the hormonal changes that happen at Menopause. A Japanese saying that "there is no use forging weapons once war has begun" So get your diet on track and your body in harmony with this simple and fun online supported video course.
Its never too early to eat well and understand that food plays a big part in how our body handles physical and emotional changes.

Supported Programme to Stop Sweet Cravings

Course now full
Over 6 weeks this online course provides 1-1 personal care together with powerful group support to help you change your relationship with the food you eat. Through Ancient Wisdom and Potent Acupressure Points of Traditional Chinese medicine you can reduce cravings, love your food, love your body and love yourself.

More About Joanne Faulkner

Hi and welcome �I am delighted to offer these online video courses which I hope will help you to use the simple 5 Element System of Traditional Chinese Medicine, putting together physical symptoms, emotional states and the food we eat. 

These courses are about helping you recognise and connect physical symptoms with emotions and how to treat them with food, drink and acupressure points.  They are made up of fun, entertaining video's.  Watch informative cookery programmes which deliver practical information in an easy to understand, accessible way.  Quick tips combine with everyday ingredients and fully demonstrated recipes

In Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine the body is classified into yin/yang organ pairs and meridian pathways which correspond to emotions, flavours, seasons and colours.  There are no good or bad foods simply foods which do and don’t suit us at this time. It’s all about connecting with the body, seeing what it wants and loving ourselves more.

"Understanding what your body's craving and using healthy food in your everyday life are what my courses are all about. "

Joanne is the Author of “Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking” which is a cookbook with recipes, meditations,acupressure points to suit your mood, stop cravings and alleviate physical symptoms.  To look inside the book visit Amazon look inside - to buy in Euro visit Joanne's Etsy Shop

She operates a busy Shiatsu Clinic in Dublin, runs Conscious Cooking Classes, health retreats, and caters holistic events all over Ireland.  
She is a regular speaker at the Bi Annual Mind, Body Spirit Festival in Dublin and has written for many publications such as Arthritis Ireland, Positive Life and Age Ireland.  She is also Chairperson of the Shiatsu Society Ireland

By understanding the body as a whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine we can understand why certain emotions and conditions create cravings and desires for certain foods. If you would like to find out what food suits you today simply click - just answer only 2 simple questions …… and its free