Sarah @ My Natural Baby Birth

Confident Mother Natural Birthing Course

Learn the methods and habits necessary for preparing for a natural birth. Sarah covers everything about preparing your mind, body, and heart to set you up for successful preparation before and throughout birth. Discover her secrets from having three natural births all on her own from the start without a doula!

More About Sarah @ My Natural Baby Birth

Hi, I'm Sarah Prince from My Natural Baby Birth, and you're a mother that has come to right place.  Maybe you're not even pregnant yet, but you're still in the right place.

Here at My Natural Baby Birth, I help mothers like you find the encouragement, vibrancy, and divinity within themselves to have a natural baby birth.  It's your journey, your goal, your divine ability, and I'm here to help you make that vision a reality.

You are going to find the power and ability within yourself to provide a miraculous birth for you and your baby without giving up on yourself.