Inkademy Writing Workshops by IndiePen Ink

Some Assembly Required

A writing workshop focused on organizing, outlining, and improving the plot and efficacy of your story. This course will cover story structure, word count goals and estimates, key scenes, character arcs, and emotional arcs, all while helping you create a Super Spreadsheet that can serve as an outline, progress tracker, and sanity saver.

We recommend this course for projects that are new, in-progress-but-stuck, in-between drafts, or are in need of structural edits.

More About Inkademy

Writing workshops are a wonderful way for writers to broaden their horizons, meet other writers, and sharpen their skills by learning more about craft. Universities, publications, and conferences offer them all year long, both in the classroom and online, giving you the opportunities to learn from the masters of writing and publishing. With courses entitled “Finding your Narrative Voice”, “Dialogue that Evokes Emotion,” and “Believable Settings in Impossible Places,” how could you not get excited and sign up immediately?

… well, you probably got a look at the price. WTF, right?

The average writing workshop, even those offered online, will run between $200 and $500. Some of the more advanced ones that promise to finish projects in a few weeks to a few months can cost as much as $750!

Who has that kind of cash? Especially when, chances are, you’re not expecting to break into the big time and write the next best-seller (although, that would be nice...). Like most writers, you probably have a day job and a family, and you just want to improve your ability to do what comes natural to you- telling stories.

At IndiePen Ink, we get it. We’re like you, except… we did it the hard way.

We spent the better part of ten years taking classes, reading books and magazines, combing through a fafillion writing websites, and occasionally ponying up to attend a small writing conference. But now, as we work towards finishing our own projects and expanding IPI, we would like to offer to share our hard won knowledge with you.

The Inkademy is the next service to be offered by IndiePen Ink, and we’re planning on launching it just in time for NaNoWriMo!

Offering courses online with tested, writer approved curricula, taught by an actual certified teacher, the Inkademy workshops are designed to be completed at your own pace, and the best part, for a fraction of the cost.

In the future, we plan to roll out workshops covering many topics, ranging from dialogue craft to self-publishing to marketing.