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Mexico Temporary Resident Visa Forms & Fees (by Family Unity)

Our micro-course helps you apply for a Temporary Resident Visa via the Family Unity program, if you're an applicant sponsored by 1) a Mexican National who is considered a spouse or 2) a spouse, parent / grandparent who holds a valid Mexican Permanent Resident visa. This mini-course will help you navigate Mexico's INM website, fill out your application forms online, pay your application fees, get photos and fingerprints, then pick up your newly-minted visa card.

Legally-Married in Mexico Program

Want to marry a Mexican national or a resident of Mexico or elsewhere, and have it legally recognized by Mexico? Curious how it all works or what you'll need to make it legal and blissful? We'll walk you through each step, starting with getting your ID and documents in order so you can file for a marriage license at a civil registry in Mexico. Later, you'll have the opportunity to apply for residency under Mexico's Family Unity Visa program, if that's your plan too.

Immigration & Residency in Mexico Assistance Program

If you've been wondering how to apply for residency in Mexico, we have you covered. In this online program, we'll help you decide which program is best for you to pursue and advise how you can get your documents in order. In less than 2 hours, you will understand the various immigration routes and programs available in Mexico. Reduce any stress that you may have with our easy-to-understand lessons that you can execute on right away.​

Ideal Mexican Lifestyle Challenge

First we'll start with what you visualize as your ideal lifestyle in Mexico. What will satisfy you? What conditions do you need to reach your ultimate happiness level in Mexico? If you want instant support to get you the results you want, then we recommend starting your journey here. You'll also get a beautiful workbook to follow along with and 2 hours of one-to-one coaching with a Move to Mexico Guide.

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