Melissa Tipton

Life Alchemy Reiki Level Two

Unlock the secrets of the first three Reiki symbols, learn how to perform a distance healing, and apply the Reiki Precepts to your life in powerful ways while working through the next two stages of self-transformation: Polarization and Merging. You'll learn effective tools for inner alchemy of the body, mind, and soul as you prepare for your Level Two Reiki Attunement.

Life Alchemy Reiki Level One

Are you ready to begin your Reiki journey? In this course, you'll learn powerful Reiki healing techniques, including how to give yourself and others a hands-on Reiki treatment. You'll also move through the first two steps of self-transformation, Illumination and Submersion, which are designed to help you shed the limiting beliefs and ego clutter preventing you from fully accessing your healing abilities. This course includes a Level One Reiki Attunement and a digital certificate of completion.