Susan Sherayko

MBA, 3 years certification in psychosynthesis, Empowered Spiritual Life Coach, LifeSuccess Consultant, Power Habits Coach, EIC/Line Producer, Author, "Rainbows Over Ruins" about rebuilding after loss.

Manifest Your Dreams

This course introduces you to systems, tools and techniques you can use to achieve consistent, positive results when you set out to pursue something new in your life and create dream projects. The key to consciously create what we desire centers on a combination of outer actions coupled with a supportive mindset. When you learn these inner and outer games, you'll be amazed at the results.

More About Susan Sherayko

Author, Rainbows Over Ruins, Susan Sherayko utilizes her training in psychosynthesis, the knowledge gained as she became an empowered spiritual life coach, techniques learned with Bob Proctor and LifeSuccess Productions, and Noah St. John at the Success Clinic to help you get the outcomes you want in life and have fun doing it.Susan holds a Master’s in Business Administration Woodbury University in Burbank, California. Additionally, Susan has studied energetic principles for over 35 years, focusing on the study of consciousness.

Part of the creative world for most of her career, Susan is a twice Emmy nominated producer, executive in charge of production and line producer for a daily television series, Home and Family, airing on Hallmark Channel.

"Very little brings me as much joy as helping people rediscover the dream in their heart, and then guiding them to achieve their goals. What would it mean to you to finally get unstuck? Who do you need to be to manifest your vision?  What if you had a sense of direction that enabled you to follow a plan of action to your goal?  I like to make people aware of the inner work and outer actions they can apply to achieve their creative potential and recently joined which enables me to be more creative as I guide people through this process."

Susan also provides support to others as they rebuild their lives after experiencing significant loss.Susan guides them through the basic steps that she herself used after a landslide destroyed her home.  For those seeking assistance with disastrous life events, Susan wrote A Survivor's Guide: 12 Tips to Gain Inner Peace, blogs and speaks online.

By providing a mix of unconditional support, accountability and guidance with a touch of cheerleading, Susan wants you to clear the way to become the most successful person you desire to be.  

Susan lives with her husband, horses and dogs on a 5 acre ranch with a small frontier town they created when they rebuilt after a landslide.When not exploring or supporting others through the creative process, Susan relishes the basic pleasures of life - enjoying her family, the views from her ranch and gardens, and the companionship of her animals.