Lauren Pace

Lauren Pace || God | Family | Children || BS & MS in Human Development & Family Studies Researcher + Specialist for Challenging Behavior Learn through Play Early Childhood Coach + Amateur Artist

Watercolor For Beginners

This watercolor class is PERFECT for beginners. I go through set up, some of the most common techniques and mistakes, and then take you through my process from start to finish.

Watercolor: Art to Vector

Learn basic watercolor florals, and how to digitize any watercolor artwork. Turn your art into a vector image that can be printed at any size, while still holding integrity of the watercolor texture.

Modern Calligraphy

The ultimate hand lettering guide

Comprehensive Guide to Digitizing Hand Lettering

This class will use Adobe photoshop and illustrator to demonstrate how to digitize your hand lettering.

More About Lauren Pace

Hi, I’m Lauren Pace. I am a lover of all children. I'm the creepy lady at church making faces at any baby that catches my eye. I look at challenging behavior as an opportunity to teach. But also strive to teach the most important skills proactively, instead of reactively.

I understand how hard this job is... whining makes my blood boil just like the rest of you. With that, my goal is to help parents love parenting and parent with love, using the support, a new perspective and simple strategies from XO PARENTING.