Lara Kasza

As an Accredited Therapist, University Lecturer at Master's level and 2 successful therapeutic services, I know how to create THE course for you!

SandStory Therapy® & SandStory Skills® - an explanation

SandStory Circles®

SandStory Supervision [online]

SandStory Therapy® Level 1

SandStory Therapy® Level 1 training

Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer Programme [online]

An evergreen, fully-recorded and always available box-set of training for Therapists and Counsellors to become qualified to train non-therapists online or in-person to become Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioners.

Course Creation Training: the golden honeycomb programme to create your own online course! [online]

SandStory Therapy® Level 2

Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer Programme

A 4 week online training for Registered SandStory Therapists to become Certified SandStory Trainers!

SandStory Therapy® Level 1 [in-person]

A CPD 2 day workshop that provides therapists and counsellors with the skill of offering Sandtray Therapy combined with Story-telling narratives to support their client's therapeutic development with the use of sand and symbols.

Lara's Teacher INSET training - 3 Secrets [online]

Looking to build a therapeutic alliance with the teachers in the school you offer Play Therapy? Then this training gives you everything you need to offer a 2 hour INSET training entitled "Three Secrets to Creating Contented Children in your Classroom."

More About Lara Kasza

For several years after I qualified as a Creative Arts Therapist, I bloomed as a therapist but struggled to develop the 'business' brain that my private practice desperately needed. 

I spent hours and hours reading, researching, learning and experiencing through trial and error how to turn my passion for my therapeutic work to become an actual viable career. 

A break-through came when I applied my experience as a University Lecturer to my business - and sat down to gather together the best that I had learned into 10 simple and straight-forward steps to take in order to be ready ... then to set up ... and then to grow my private practice. 

All the threads came together; what worked went in; what didn't work, went out. And I looked all the time for short-cuts that got what I needed done most effectively. My motto for the course became - "do it once, do it right!" No more wasting time, money (that I didn't have), effort, creativity or energy ... and no more sacrificing precious family time and relationships while I went nowhere fast.

I then applied it all to my own practice and everything shifted. When I started teaching this course in a live, weekend format, others told me the same happened to them as they went through the same 10 steps. (Actually I was a bit shocked that it did! Well, it may have just been luck for me - but clearly it was a system that worked).

So whilst I have this in a nutshell and teach it in a live weekend training format as well as this online course (so delighted you are here!), I can continue on to develop my private practice and the range of services I offer. 

I am a Senior Clinical Supervisor (a role I love and feel honoured in) to some wonderful trainee and qualified Play Therapists, 

I offer Sandplay Therapy and SandStory Therapy to individuals and groups. I support teachers, behaviour support workers, a bereavement group and many therapists such as Play Therapists and Sandplay Therapists through both these therapeutic uses of sand. I am developing SandStory (a client's 'story in the sand') as a way of safely connecting the conscious to the wisdom of the unconscious. 

I have fun, creative 'Sandplay Symbol-making Days' at my private practice and would have everyone come and take part as a way of self-care. If you can ever make a Day, come round as the kettle is always on and choccy biscuits await you.