Ubiquity Leadership

...on a quest to make Inspired Leadership Ubiquitous

Resilience: The Art of Bouncing Back

In these days of increased demand and fewer resources, we all need greater coping strategies to prepare for, adapt and recover from ever-present stress.

Navigating Priorities

Your 1 Hour Guide To Getting On Top Of It All

Leading From The Middle

Learn to Influence Without Authority

The Mindful Leader

Creating the Space, Clarity & Balance You Need to Lead

More About Ubiquity Leadership

Ubiquity is Talent Development and Executive Coaching firm based in Ottawa, Canada. 

We specialize in confidential, one-to-one Coaching for Executives, Leaders, Managers, Speakers and Potential Leaders in transition. Ubiquity also offers Leadership Development Training and Organizational Development Facilitation, including Strategic Planning and Culture Management. Ubiquity consults to Organizations around the world to optimize Talent Development programs and Leadership Initiatives. 

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