Sherry Trentini

Life & Grief Recovery Coach

The Life Reclamation Project: Home

Tips on how to create space in your home & create space in your life.

Intentional Gratitude

Enrich your life in all ways by giving thanks

LOA Basics with Sherry Trentini

A quick and easy foundation of Law of Attraction with Audio!

More About Sherry Trentini

Sherry Trentini’s intention is to help others to Create Space, bring Balance, and move into their lives, using her fusion Law of Attraction Life Coaching, Grief Recovery and Feng Shui.She began coaching in 2014 and added Grief Recovery in 2015 to help her clients resolve whatever losses may be impacting their lives. Sherry has experienced grief and loss in her own life, having become a widow at 40; her two daughters lost their daddy; then less than 6 months later her own father died.

She knows what it feels like to have unresolved life experiences impact who you are in the present and how you see your future.

Today Sherry offers individual coaching to help you move beyond losses of any kind and to support who you are and how you are becoming; workshops and keynote speeches. To contact Sherry, get to know more about her, browse her blog and download the free e-books at