Charity Aumora

Charity Aumora is a Life Coach that helps busy, action-oriented online mompreneurs like yourself balance, & create more freedom in your life, so that your family, life & business can thrive!

From Busy To A Powerful Productive Life

Welcome to the 3 week course “From Busy To A Powerful Productive Life” In this course you will learn how not to be busy, but how to be more productive by using strategy, tools and time management in your business and your Mom life at home. I use a step by step method to quickly help you get where you need to be in your business, how to get things done and free up more time in your life, so that your life, family and business can thrive & ultimately so that you can achieve more Freedom .

More About Charity Aumora

Charity Aumora lives in Southern California and is a mompreneur and a single mom to a sixteen-year-old daughter and throughout her sixteen years of being a mom, she has developed, strategies and  incorporate tools to use to create the dream life for busy mompreneurs so that they can have the freedom, balance & wealth that they deserve. She is an expert & exceeded the time management productivity industry by teaching online mompreneurs how to thrive as an online mompreneur and how to keep a balance without sacrificing time with her family and for herself!