Effective Exposure Therapy for Children and Adolescents: Do’s and Don’ts

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common issues found in pediatric clinics today. In addition to long-term anxiety related disorders, untreated anxiety can lead to other problems such as depression and substance abuse. Fortunately, there are good treatments available. Supported by more than 75 studies, CBT is considered the go-to talk therapy for child and adolescent anxiety. With this workshop, you will learn to apply the main technique used in these treatments: exposure.

An Integrative Harm Reduction Approach to Treating Substance Misuse with Special Attention to Cannabis

This workshop is accredited by the Order of psychologists of Quebec and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Personality Structure and Its Implications for Psychotherapy

Many of us chose a vocation in psychotherapy because we were fascinated with individual differences. Research findings support this focus: personality and relationship variables consistently show a greater influence on outcome than type of treatment. This workshop will conceptualize personality differences as they are presented in the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual. Workshop accredited by the OPQ and the CCPA.

Comment démarrer sa pratique privée en psychothérapie

Ce cours est présenté sous forme de PowerPoint avec vidéo et commentaires. Le cours a été conçu pour les diplômés des programmes cliniques et pour les jeunes professionnels. Bien que l'accent soit clairement mis sur le démarrage d'une pratique privée au Québec, ce cours contient aussi des informations pouvant être utiles aux praticiens des autres provinces.

The business of psychotherapy (or how to start your private practice)

We will cover the basics of starting a private psychotherapy practice. The course was designed for graduates of clinical programs and for young professionals. While the focus is clearly on starting a private practice in Quebec, the course contains information that may be useful to practitioners in other provinces. Please note that if you have completed the course titled "Legal and organizational aspects of psychotherapy: Part 2", you should not take this course on the business of psychotherapy.

Using Progress Monitoring to Establish an Evidence Base for Practice in Psychotherapy

If you practice psychotherapy, you need to know about progress tracking and outcome monitoring. In this short one and a half hour course, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells you everything you need to know to get started!

2ième partie – Les aspects légaux et organisationnels de la psychothérapie

Ce cours de 25 heures fait suite à "Les aspects légaux et organisationnels de la psychothérapie - 1 ière partie". Il peut cependant être pris seul (sans faire la 1ière partie). Ce cours a été spécifiquement développé pour les candidats au permis de psychothérapeute pour l'exercice de la psychothérapie au Québec. Il a été approuvé par l'Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

While this course was designed primarily for professionals and professionals in training who wish to obtain a psychotherapy permit to practice in Quebec, it will also be of interest to anyone wishing to learn the basics of CBT!

Psychoneuroimmunology: understanding the relationship between mind and body

Psychoneuroimmunology is an evolving area to understand the relationship between mind and body.

1ère partie – Les aspects légaux et organisationnels de la psychothérapie

Ce cours de 25 heures porte sur les aspects légaux et organisationnels de la psychothérapie, tel qu'exigé par l'Ordre des psychologues du Québec. Il a été développé pour les candidats au permis de psychothérapeute.

PART 2 - Psychotherapy: the legal and organizational aspects of practice (25 hours)

This is Part 2 of the course on Psychotherapy: the legal and organizational aspects of practice. It includes 25 hours of content, designed specifically to meet the requirements of Bill 21.

PART 1 - Psychotherapy: the legal and organizational aspects of practice (25 hours)

Finally an online course!: The first part of a course on the legal and organizational aspects of psychotherapy for those wishing to obtain their psychotherapy permit in Quebec!

More About Medipsy

Medipsy was founded by Drs. Marilyn Fitzpatrick and Martin Drapeau, two psychologists and professors at McGill University in Montreal.

We began offering continuing education workshops in 2012-2013. Shortly after, we also began offering clinical services in Westmount, Quebec, including psychotherapy, psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments (for ADHD or learning disabilities for example), specialized coaching (for ADHD), sex therapy, guidance counselling, and other services.

The clinic grew rapidly, as did our continuing education workshops. Every year, we invite international speakers -those people whose books we read but who we never get a chance to meet- and have them come to Montreal and to Ottawa to share their clinical wisdom for a day or two. In addition to these clinical workshops, we also now offer longer (20-45 hour) courses which are held in our clinic in Westmount.

Over the years, we received many requests to offer training online. And we listened! Our Montreal group and our Ottawa group joined forces to offer you online training, which we hope will meet your expectations.