Nichelle Womack, MBA

I am the Start Up CEO! I am a serial entrepreneur, licensed realtor, certified life transition & business strategist helping you to start a profitable business from your kitchen table.

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Change only occurs when you acknowledge there is a problem.

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The 7 Day Mindset Elevation

Gather your thoughts, ponder through your doubt and conquer your fears.

How to Target & Find Your Buying Customers

Having trouble finding the clients who will buy your product or service? This course will give you tips, tools and strategies to help you market to those who want what you are selling.

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Niche' Marketing 101

Niche' Marketing is a term used interchagably with specialty marketing. It's when you specifically target a clientele who would most likely benefit from your product or service. This type of marketing not only saves you some time, but it can be very profitable as you are not wasting your time or resources with those who have no need for what you offer.

More About Nichelle Womack, MBA

Greetings and Welcome,

I am excited to be assisting you with your business venture. This will be an exciting transition in your life. My goal is that you leave this class with the ability to step out on faith and accomplish your dreams. 

Just a little bit about me and why I am capable of teaching you what you need to know to be successful in business. 

I have a BA in business, an MBA in business with concentrations in leadership and management. I hold a real estate brokerage license as well as an Insurance broker license. I'm currently pursuing a PhD in human behavior and development. 

I've worked in corporate America for over 20 years for some of the largest private and public held organizations in leadership. I've taught students, young and old, for over 8 years on the collegiate, high school and GED level. I've always held some type of consulting position as I assisted in building teams and organizations. 

I have owned an operated my own successful enterprises in real estate, insurance, consulting and network marketing to name a few.

I live, speak and walk the talk of business everyday. It is my passion. I believe in entrepreneurship and recognize it as a viable career and lifestyle.

I hope to entice others who want to enjoy a lifestyle of independence and authority to recognize their gifts and share them with the world.