Self-Love Circle

Napoleon Hill said, "You can accomplish more in 1 month in a mastermind group setting, than you can by yourself in 1 year."​ Our self-love circle is a 6 month group journey that will re-ignite your self-love + teach you how to fully practice self-love, regardless of circumstances or conditions. The point is to embody unconditional love; love without conditions.

Vibrational Healing

This course is designed to take you through an 8 week process, helping you identify what needs to heal and then taking that energy through a Divinely inspired healing process, so you can shrink this energy down to its inception point + return it to the Divine.

More About Sophie Frabotta

My mom came home and told me the lump was gone!  At the age 16 I learned that you can heal anything!  Whether it is disease in your body, problems in your relationships, or dysfunction in your life; you can heal it.  Whatever is happening that you do not like or want, you can change.

I teach people to do this inner work in 3 steps. Recognize, Release, Radiate. We have to truly recognize the deep wound that is blocking you.  Then we need to do the inner healing work to release that stale energy from your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. And then, once the stale energy is released, you have created space for new energy to emerge.  In this space we plant your new intentions and build a strategy on cultivating this new energy to spill into your entire life, relationships, health and career! This is the access point to the true YOU who is lit up for life, alive with empowering thoughts, loving feelings, invigorated confidence, and revitalized energy! This is where you RADIATE a joy so profound that your highest potential becomes your reality!

You can do the inner work to address any stale, lingering wound of the past and the results are healing the present.