Traditional Mystery School

Egyptian Mystery School

Discover the teaching of the old temples,

Explore Ancient Egyptian Mystery teachings for beginners and all those new to this specific Mysticism. During this course, you will uncover the secret rites of the predynastic temples dedicated to All Goddess and the cosmology behind the Egyptian ritual traditions.

Sacred Arts of Womb Healing

On this womb healing mini course, you will be guided to your true centre, your sacred Womb, with the intention of healing the traumas that underlie your painful experiences.
The Womb Healing course offers insight into a womb-centred lifestyle. You will learn practices that allow you to explore your own personal and collective wounding, unfolding your unique healing journey.

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More About Traditional Mystery School

Thank you for your interest in training with me and walking the path of the divine light in beauty and truth.

This is a experiential Ritual Art Mystery School and individual training centre.

Our courses are designed to support students on their journey and inspire spiritual growth, whilst developing their relationship with their chosen Deity.

Entry-level course students initiate through the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.

We are here to provide you with full support and guidance and teach you the necessary skills to fulfil your chosen role.

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