DeAndrea Byrd

Business Coach & Consultant

How to Vend to Win : Vendor Strategy

4 Tips for team to Maximize and Leverage Vendor events

How to Design, Deliver & Market a Branded Planner

Live Masterclass: ⁣December 21 TH, 2019. 10-11 A.M. EST.⁣

(Please note all classes are recorded and all students will receive access to the replay for 1 year from purchase. Registration information will be sent 24 hours before the live class.)

Email if you have any questions prior to class.

See you in class!

How to Plan Successful Events for Profit Ebook

Benefits of Creating and Selling Information Products

Are you ready level up from Entrepreneur to Infopreneur? Ready to learn what types of infoproducts or digital products you can create? This this webinar is for you.

Sales Funnels 101

Are you struggling to generate consistent revenue for your business online? Do you need to make your marketing make sense? Need to get consistent sales for your online business? Chances are, you need a sales funnel. Let me teach you my proven process for building a sales funnel the generates consistent leads and sales for your online business or ecourse.

Mailchimp 101

Get started on Getting Started with Email Marketing.
Learn how to leverage Mailchimp to build your customer email list.
Let's get started with list building....

Virtual Accountability Squad

The Entrepreneur Virtual Accountability squad is a monthly group coaching service that serves entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 3 years are more and are looking to stop trading their time for dollars. This program is designed to help you organize, automate your business and increase your profits.

The Profit Plan

How much money do you want to make? How are you going to make it?
This course is intended for business professionals. You will learn how to break down your current products and services and plan your profits for a 12 month time period.
This course is has both video and workbook components

How to Plan Events for Profit Bootcamp

You never have to worry about planning an event alone anymore.
This is a 12 week course, paired with live coaching calls.

Learn how to plan events that profit from start to finish. Let me hold you hand, spell it out and walk you through each step.

The curriculum is designed to get you to launch and build a profitable event series to compliment your existing business model with MAXIMUM leverage.

I will expect you to be launching your events within 12 weeks and ready to make some money.

Vision Forward Challenge

This 3-DAY Vision Challenge is for creative rebels with a sprinkle of spiritual gangsta on the inside, who are ready to jump start their vision and take it to the next level .

If you wake up every morning feeling:

Financially stressed?

Self doubt?

No motivation?

Constantly stuck in a circle of lack?



Stuck in a mediocre mindset?

If you are ready to finally MANIFEST YOUR VISION and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, then this Challenge is for you.

Instagram 101

Are you new to the Instagram world and need to learn how to work Instagram?
Do you need to learn how to reach new customers and gain more followers.
This is a beginners guide to Instagram. We will cover how to get you started, hashtags and more...

More About DeAndrea Byrd

DeAndrea Byrd is a seasoned business coach and consultant. A self-taught entrepreneur, she has launched multiple successful businesses both online and in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting and has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs automate their business, create a workflow strategy, and increase their profits by creating digital products.