Amanda Shyne

Data Driven Agility

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Verbal Directionals

Teach your pup to respond to verbal directional commands. We will work to get our pups responding to our verbals regardless of whether or not our body/handling supports the verbal cue.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Solidify your Startline

Teach pup skills that will help him/her stay while in a trial situation.

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Verbal Backsides & In-In (Threadle)

Teach your pup a verbal that indicates they should take the backside of a jump, regardless of handler position!

Teaching the Tunnel (FREE COURSE)

Open Enrollment - This course will detail a strategic plan on how to train an obstacle which is often taken for granted—the tunnel. Start at the beginning with new dogs and skip ahead for seasoned pups.

Small Spaces, Big Results

Starts December 11 - Two jump skills and drills for small spaces. You'll be amazed at the big skills you can train in a small amount of space.

Beating the Winter Blues

Starts December 18 - Flatwork, impulse control, verbals, body awareness, tricks, and more! All for small spaces and only one jump.

Puppy Games 1: Homecoming to 9 Months Old

Follow my new puppy, Ruthie, in her first months at home. You'll see everything: crate manners, enrichment, play/tug, and of course, lots of agility foundations! Videos will be added regularly until Ruthie is 9 months old. Students can register anytime and will have access and instruction for 6 months.

2o2o in the House

Starts December 11 - Snowy yard? No dog walk? No problem! Exercises to train and proof stopped contacts in your house on whatever you have available: a step, a big book, a short plank, anything!

Jump into my Arms

Starts December 11 - This class is focused on one specific behavior - jumping into your arms. Jumping into your arms is a fantastic way to get complete control following an agility run! And, is a super fun trick to have at your disposal.

Teaching Obstacle Commitment

Self-paced, starts immediately when you register. 6 months of instruction time. Teach your pup to commit to obstacles so you can cue and then get where you need to be on course.

Teaching the Weave Poles

Self-paced, starts immediately when you register. 6 months of instruction time. Training the poles from zero to 12 poles. For new dogs or those who want to retrain the weaves from the beginning.

More About Amanda Shyne

Amanda Shyne is the founder of Data Driven Agility in Springfield, VT.  Amanda pursued a graduate degree in animal behavior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Her PhD dissertation examined the effects of environmental enrichment on zoo animal welfare. Due to her training as a researcher, her agility school takes a scientific approach to dog training. She is constantly looking for the most effective ways to communicate course direction to dogs.  Amanda is not afraid to try new techniques and enjoys taking seminars as much as she does teaching them.  One of her catch phrases, “Good to know,” reminds her students that all data is important—even if it suggests the need for more training.  Amanda loves agility and will continue to learn from her dogs for the rest of her life.